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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS March 19, 2019 Tom Rich (Mills), Susan McCoy (Mills), Chris Sutherland (Mills), Tim Sutherland (Mills), Lucille Sutherland (Mills), Richard Bates (Mills), Cheryl McFarland (Mills), The regular meeting of the Board Terry Hill (Mills), Judi Anderson of County Commissioners was (Mills), Cody Mccormick (Mills), brought to order at 5:30 p.m. Ruth Pitts (Mills), Veronica Bates by Chairman Hendry. Those in (Mills), Deena Lopez (Mills), Nat attendance were Commissioner Paul Rumph, (Mills), Reg McGuire Bertoglio, Commissioner Jim Milne, (Mills), Maurie Berry (Casper), Commissioner Brook Kaufman, Dennis Berry (Casper), Sherri Bates Commissioner Chadwick, County (Mills), Isiah Bates (Mills). Attorney Eric Nelson, County Clerk Hearing no further comments, Tracy Good and Commissioners’ Chairman Hendry closed the public Assistant Michelle Maines. hearing. Consent Agenda: Rick Legerski, USA Trucking gave a Commissioner Chadwick moved for brief report to the BOCC regarding approval of the Consent Agenda. the MOU between USA Trucking Commissioner Bertoglio seconded and the Town of Mills. the motion. Commissioner Kaufman Commissioner Chadwick moved amended the motion for approval for approval of the Zone Change omitting the MOU between the NC, incorporating staff’s finding of facts. WY and the Converse County, WY Commissioner Bertoglio seconded the for Law Enforcement Extraterritorial motion. Motion carried. Assistance from the Consent Agenda. ZC18-6 – Jason Gutierrez, Commissioner Bertoglio seconded the Development Director reported amendment. Motion carried. this is a request by RDS Holdings Public Hearings: represented by Rick Legerski for ZC18-5 – Jason Gutierrez, an amendment to the Zoning Map Development Director reported to change the zoning district from this is a request by USA Trucking Urban Residential (UR) zoning represented by Rick Legerski for district and Urban Mixed Residential an amendment to the Zoning Map (UMR) zoning district to Light to change the zoning district from Industrial (LI) zoning district. This Urban Agriculture (UA) zoning is vacant land north of ZC18-5 and district to Light Industrial (LI) can be accessed from Gehring St. zoning district. The property is (3-5-2019 Remanded back to the P&Z located directly north of USA Comm. BOCC 3-19-19) Trucking. This item is vacant land Chairman Hendry opened the public north of 5370 Poison Spider Road. hearing. (3-5-2019 Remanded back to the P&Z Speaking in favor: Rick Legerski, Comm. BOCC 3-19-19) representing RDS Holdings Chairman Hendry opened the public Speaking in opposition: Ed Selby hearing. (Casper) Speaking in favor: Craig Shanor, Hearing no further comments in attorney representing USA Trucking, favor or opposition, Chairman Laramie Legerski, General Manager Hendry closed the public hearing. USA Trucking (Casper), Brian Wing Commissioner Chadwick moved (Casper), Greg Faxon (Casper) for approval of the Zone Change Speaking in opposition: Keith incorporating staff’s finding of facts. Nachbar, attorney representing the Commissioner Kaufman seconded Bates & Sutherland Families, John the motion. Motion carried. Bates (Mills), Samuel Clara (Mills), Public Comments: Chairman Hendry opened the floor to Public Comments. Hearing no comments, the floor was closed. Commissioner Comments: Chairman Hendry opened the floor to Commissioner Comments. Hearing no further comments, the floor was closed. Adjournment: There being no further business to come before the Board of Commissioners, Chairman Hendry adjourned the meeting at 7:47 p.m. BOARD OF NATRONA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Robert L. Hendry, Chairman ATTEST: NATRONA COUNTY CLERK Tracy Good CONSENT AGENDA I. APPROVAL OF MARCH 5, 2019 MEETING MINUTES II. APPRVOAL OF BILLS $1,800,500.39: A&I / ST OF WY ENT TECH $50.07; AFLAC PREMIUM HOLDING $3,742.24; AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT $9,529.63; ALCOHOL & DRUG TESTING,. $6,600.00; ALL OUT FIRE $500.00; ALSCO $156.19; AMBI MAIL & MARKETING $2,386.82; ANIXTER $200.90; API SYS INTEGRATORS $380.00; ASSESSOR $43,121.40; ATLAS OFFICE PROD $2,194.18; ATLAS REPRODUCTION $8.82; AXIS FORENSIC TOXICOLOGY,. $52.00; BAR D SIGN COMPANY $3,183.08; BLACK HILLS ENERGY $7,367.42; BLOEDORN LUMBER $27.42; BOARD SOURCE $129.00; CA STATE DISBURSEMENT $378.00; CAPITAL BUSINESS SYS $3,455.90; CASPER AREA TRANSPORTATION COALITION/ THE BUS $13,500.00; CASPER WINDOW & DOOR $343.00; CENTRAL FAIR AND RODEO $400,889.98; CENTURYLINK $1,783.80; CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT $47,805.93; CITY OF CASPER $24,411.34; CLERK OF COURT/ADMINISTRATION $40,916.79; CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT $3,124.94; CLERK/ ADMINISTRATION $59,106.56; COLONIAL LIFE & ACCIDENT INS $97.72; COMMISSION/ ADMINISTRATION $9,102.54; COMMISSION/COUNTY ATTORNEY $21,947.02; COMMISSION/COUNTY DEVELOPMENT $34,499.51; COMMISSIONERS/MAINT. SALARIES $27,569.23; CORNERSTONE PROGRAMS CORP $143,000.00; CORONER $16,784.80; COWBOY CHEMICAL,. $724.90; CRUM ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO $14.40; CST $536.08; DEWITT WATER SYS $68.20; DISTAD, ERIC A $2,700.00; DON’S MOBILE CARPET $6,938.40; DOOLEY OIL/CASPER $19,204.43; DRUG COURT $20,230.53; DUDE SOLUTIONS $10,000.00; E & F TOWING TRANS & RECOVERY $9,800.00; EAGLE UNIFORM & SUPPLY CO $605.19; FERGUSON ENT #109 $629.19; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK $9,960.45; GRAINGER $2,161.65; HEALTHSMART BENEFIT SOL $816.00; HENSLEY BATTERY LLC $39.98; HIGH PLAINS CONSTRUCTION $156,180.03; HIGH PLAINS POWER $952.89; HITEK COMMUNICATIONS $9,080.00; HOSE & RUBBER SUPPLY $7.61; HP $1,451.21; ICMA RETIREMENT TRUST - 457 $230.00; INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY $34,932.73; JH MECHANICAL LLC $2,660.67; JOHNSON CONTROLS. $1,083.48; LIFETIME HEALTH & FITNESS $1,100.26; LITHIA AUTO STORES $35.87; LITTLE AMERICA $1,320.00; MARK’S PLUMBING PARTS $295.58; MERBACK AWARD COMPANY $219.56; MIDWEST MEDICAL SUPPLY $2,493.57; MTN STATES LITHOGRAPHING $934.50; NAPA AUTO PARTS $38.24; NATIONAL ASSOC OF COUNTIES (NACO) $430.00; NATRONA COUNTY EMPLOYEE $308,776.89; NATRONA COUNTY TREASURER $327,165.53; OIL CITY DENTAL $836.00; ORCHARD TRUST $9,274.63; OUTPATIENT RADIOLOGY $150.65; PATHFINDER BOAT & FISHING CLUB $222.25; RELIASTAR LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY $1,067.98; RMP $1,210.32; ROAD & BRIDGE - LAKE $5,456.88; ROAD & BRIDGE/ADMINISTRATION $56,821.85; ROAD & BRIDGE/ PARKS DEPT $15,225.89; ROAD & BRIDGE/VEHICLE SERVICE $15,080.65; SCHENFISCH, GAIL P $60.00; SECRETARY OF STATE $30.00; SHAMROCK FOODS COMPANY $4,940.73; SHERIFF/ ADMINISTRATION $298,283.58; SHERIFF/COURTHOUSE SECURITY $58,903.30; SHERIFF/ EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT $12,100.00; SHERIFF/NEW JAIL $440,828.47; SHOWTIME INDUSTRIES. $1,074.00; SOURCE OFFICE & TECHNOLOGY $185.13; STOTZ EQUIPT $125.19; SUMMIT ELECTRIC LLC $2,933.19; SUTHERLANDS $76.93; TREASURER $47,881.44; UNITED WAY OF NATRONA COUNTY $30.00; VENTURE TECHNOLOGIES $6,666.01; WASHINGTON NATIONAL INS CO. $2,223.80; WEAR PARTS $17.81; WESTERN STATES FIRE PROTECTION/BOSTON $5,026.99; WY CHILD SUPPORT STATE DISBURSEMENT UNIT $685.00; WY CORONER’S ASSOCATION $175.00; WY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ASSOC $400.00; WY COUNTY TREASURERS ASSN $100.00; WY DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION $35.00; WY MACHINERY COMPANY $1,638.22; WY ORAL & MAXIOFACIAL SURGERY $435.00; WY RETIREMENT SYS $221,166.50; WYO DEPT. OF WORKFORCE SVC $40,596.48; YOUTH CRISIS CENTER $2,500.00 III. CONTRACTS, AGREEMENTS, RESOLUTIONS: A. MOU between the NC, WY and the Converse County, WY for Law Enforcement Extraterritorial Assistance (took off the agenda until the next meeting) B. Resolution 11-19 Naming Blue Sky Road C. Resolution 12-19 Naming Day Break Road D. Alcova Reservoir Trailer Lot Lease-Kris & Jennifer Beevers E. Notice of Award: WY Machinery Co. (WMC): 140M3 Motor Grader $264,426.99 F. Modification of the Reimbursable Agreement/ Statement of Work and the Federal Lands Access Program Project Agreement with the Federal Highway Administration for Fremont Canyon Road-Modification #005/DTFH68-14-E-00018 (Fremont Canyon Road/ CR408 IV. BOARD APPOINTMENT A. Dave North-NC Parks Board (filling unexpired term ending December 31, 2021) V. STATEMENT OF EARNINGS: Development $9,170.49; County Clerk $77,294.45; Coop Extension $470.00; Parks/Mtn. $389; Lake $590.00 VI. TAXROLL CORRECTION 2018: MARCUS, MERRY L $-82.80; TAYLOR JOINT LIVING TRUST $-1,411.59; JONES, JAMES $-2,098.74(2017) MARCUS MERRY L $-89.43; (2016) MARCUS, MERRYL $-93.08 Published: April 13, 2019 Legal No: 53176

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