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Carnahan: Tammy
Saulsbury is the right
choice for county assessor
I have known both candidates for Natrona County Assessor
for over thirty years. I possess specific information pointing to
both candidates’ commitment, integrity, work ethic, experience
and qualifications.
Tammy Saulsbury is a tax assessment professional with 12
years experience. She was chief deputy assessor and is the
current county assessor. Tammy received hours of training
and certifications qualifying her for the position. Matt Keating
is a politician and former fireman with no experience, training
or education relevant to the position. Tammy is committed
to the citizens, often working evenings and weekends for
no additional pay to ensure things are done right. Matt
is not committed. He was re-elected to serve as county
commissioner and has two years remaining on his term.
His attendance record is poor. His decision to abandon his
responsibility before his term expires demonstrates his lack
of commitment to and respect for the voters that entrusted
him to be a commissioner. Matt has made many negative,
inaccurate statements about the assessor’s office. Whether
this is because he is uninformed or because it is intentional,
neither is a quality we need in an elected official. Mudslinging,
particularly when it is inaccurate, is also something we don’t
need from a candidate. Tammy is honest. She will provide
honest answers. If she does not readily have an answer,
she will find the answer and address the issue. Every time
I have had contact with the assessor’s office for the last
several years, everyone has been receptive and responsive,
addressing issues promptly, resolving incidents thoroughly
and accurately. I had professional interaction with Matt in my
prior employment that left me with serious concerns about his
integrity such that I will never vote for him again. Most telling,
the current county commission reviewed applications from
both candidates to finish Connie Smith’s term when her health
forced her retirement. They interviewed both candidates.
They selected Tammy over their fellow commissioner to
finish that term. Tammy Saulsbury possesses the highest
level of integrity, commitment, work ethic, experience and
qualifications, making her the right choice for county


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