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PAID ADVERTISEMENT Learn Why Dr.Todd Beckstead Chooses Casper Surgical Center WELCOME TO CASPER SURGICAL CENTER By Carrie Haderlie The Surgical Center also makes things easy by working with both patients and Dr. Beckstead’s office to schedule If you’re looking for a highly skilled Wyoming surgeon surgeries, providing timely care for patients of all types. who knows Wyoming and its people, Dr.Todd Beckstead The general surgeons working at the Casper Surgical is your man. Center stay abreast of current medical issues and meet Beckstead was born and raised in Glenrock and is a continuing medical education requirements.They also board-certified general surgeon at Wyoming Surgical regularly meet with each other regarding trauma and Associates. He also specializes in vascular and trauma cancer patients. surgery. The anesthesiologists at Casper Surgical are the same Beckstead married his high school sweetheart young that work in the Wyoming Medical Center, and all are and didn’t have plans for college. He spent several years highly qualified, Beckstead said. working in the oil field, but when he went looking for a “There are probably 18 anesthesiologists that work at safer career, he found medicine. both the Wyoming Medical Center and Casper Surgical. “I went to school to become a paramedic, and then They rotate through the Surgical Center, so we are using worked as a one for eight years,” Beckstead said.“That’s the same anesthesiologists that we use at the hospital,” what made me decide to go to medical school.” he said.“That’s one of the benefits of both of the places. Beckstead went to medical school at the University of Here in this little town in Wyoming, there are high quality Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City followed by a anesthesiologists.There is not one of them that I wouldn’t general surgery residency at Phoenix Integrated Surgical let work on my own family.” Residency in Arizona. Every one of the seven surgeons practicing with the “My wife and I grew up in a small town, but all the Wyoming Surgical Associates is a Wyoming native. places we had to go for training and school were large “One of interesting things about our practice is that cities.We didn’t really like living in a large city,” Beckstead there are seven surgeons in our practice and all of us said.“When the opportunity presented itself to come back are from Wyoming, which is kind of a rare thing.We are home to practice, and we jumped on it.” Wyoming surgeons taking care of Wyoming people,” So Beckstead, his wife and three children returned Beckstead said. to Wyoming.That was two decades ago, and he has “We’re located in Wyoming where people don’t have to practiced with Wyoming Surgical Associates for 20 years, travel for care, and if there were ever any complications performing general and vascular surgery at the Casper after surgery, then we can take care of them rather than Surgical Center. go all the way back to Denver or somewhere else for Wyoming Surgical Associates is a group of talented care,” Beckstead said. surgeons who have spent their careers serving patients in This means the care available at the Casper Surgical the Wyoming area.The surgeons practice at the Casper Center is convenient, efficient and high quality, making it Surgical Center, a multi-specialty, outpatient surgical an easy choice for patients with an array of needs. facility that operates as a joint venture between local physicians and the Wyoming Medical Center. Beckstead performs general surgery at the Casper Surgical Center including bowel, gallbladder and hernia surgeries, and vascular surgeries that generally encompass work on the blood vessels.Trauma surgeries are always done at the hospital. “I do some vascular, but mostly general surgery, at Casper Surgical,” Beckstead explained.“The staff at the Surgical Center is amazing, and they are very efficient.” Surgeries at the Casper Surgical Center are outpatient, so the goal is that patients can return home the same day or the morning after their procedure. “I can schedule 10 cases at the Surgical Center and get all 10 of them done by 4 p.m. in the afternoon,” Beckstead said. 1201 E. 3rd St. • Casper, WY 82601 Todd Beckstead, MD

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