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Learn Why Dr. Wilson Chooses Casper Surgical Center WELCOME TO CASPER SURGICAL CENTER By Carrie Haderlie Patients can breathe easily when they’re in the care of Dr. Caleb Wilson at the Casper Surgical Center. Wilson, a skilled otolaryngologist, has been performing specialized procedures alongside the skilled staff at the Casper Surgical Center for two years. He performs sinus surgeries, nasal and septum procedures and works with children, removing tonsils and putting tubes in ears. “We do a lot of work to help people breathe easily,” Wilson said.“I do specialized procedures, and the nurses at the Surgical Center have done more of those procedures than anywhere else in the state.They really offers the best of everything, and are quick and efficient.” Wilson is one of many Casper surgeons to offer quality care at the Casper Surgical Center. Casper Surgical is a multi-specialty, outpatient surgical facility that operates as a joint venture between local physicians and the Wyoming Medical Center. Wyoming Otolaryngology, where Wilson practices, was founded in 1967 and is one of the oldest medical practices in the state of Wyoming. In 1990, Wyoming Otolaryngology became the first ear, nose, and throat practice in the state to perform endoscopic sinus surgery. Since the 1980s, the practice has been one of the largest allergy practices in the state and the first to employ sublingual immunotherapy in 2007. Not only is the Surgical Center staffed with skilled people, the equipment Wilson needs to do his work is there as well. “For sinus surgery, for example, the Surgical Center has the best equipment around,” he said. Wilson is originally from Kaysville, Utah, and graduated from Weber State. He received a medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and completed residency training in otolaryngology head and neck surgery in 2017 at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. He is a board certified member of the American Board of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. A day at the Surgical Center is a busy one, Wilson said, and he does the vast majority of his surgeries there. 1201 E. 3rd St. • Casper, WY 82601 “On days I’m in surgery, I’m usually there all day. It is fast-paced because a lot of the procedures I do are quick,” Wilson said.“I really enjoy that, and have a really good relationship with the people who work there. It is collegial, and I’m on a first-name basis with everyone who works there, including the nurses. It is an upbeat place.” Wilson said he regularly operates on people from Sheridan to Riverton, from Rawlins to Wheatland, and everywhere in between. If he has a patient that has any kind of special need, the Surgical Center will take care of it, including insurance issues. He especially likes to schedule procedures on children at Casper Surgical. “The staff is used to having a lot of kids come through the facility,” he said.“That means that from the nurses and the staff who greet you at the door to the nurses in recovery, they’re used to taking care of kids.” They see a lot of children and know they may be nervous before surgery, he said.They also know they may be fussy when they wake up—and they’re prepared for it all. “They love kids, and they love taking care of them,” he said.“The kids can sense that.” Wilson said he’s establishing a life in Casper with his family, and loves the community. “In general, the thing I love about practicing in Wyoming is that the patients are very responsive,” he said.“Patients tend to take a doctor’s advice, and are very interested in their own health.They are proactive, and I appreciate that as a doctor.” Caleb Wilson, MD

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