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What is it? Today’s Deal is an unbeatable deal on something local to do, see, eat, or buy that is available to purchase for the day only.
-These deals are heavily discounted usually about 50% off.
-The customer may purchase the offer that day only but may redeem it in the future. The deal must be valid for one year.
-Revenue is split between the advertiser and the Casper Star-Tribune.
-We process all the transactions and PAY YOU.

Exclusivity! Your ad won’t get lost amongst other offers, your business stands alone in the spotlight.

Exposure! Included is a front page color ad in the paper and a 1/4 page color ad highlighting your deal. Also, your business is featured on the homepage of the #1 website in Wyoming, trib.com.

To place a Today’s Deal offer, call (307) 266-0588 or e-mail janet.johnson@trib.com.