CASPER — These licenses were issued in Natrona County and released by the County Clerk’s office. All marriage licenses obtained in Natrona County are printed as a matter of public record. Engaged couples who prefer not to have a marriage license published should seek it out of county.

  • Marcus Zachary Rieker and Jennifer Leanne Desiderio
  • Braden Andrew Crowe and Amber Amethyst Lentesoleil Sherman
  • Ryan James Axthelm and Olivia Torres-Perez
  • Tyler Lee Moore and Ashley Morgan Johnson
  • Jeremy Ryan Todd and Haylee Rochelle Saylor
  • Jason Michael Speiser and Whitney Lee Lovelace
  • Cory Richard Vest and Amanda Marie VanHeel
  • Will Earl Morgan and Erin Lynn Helms
  • Jose Villalobos Gutierrez and Crystal Rose Marceleno
  • Chelcie Brianne Thorson and Catherine Elizabeth Harden
  • Kyle Wayne Kolb and Katherine Grace Morris
  • Tyler George Allen Buslett and Sarah Ann Brown
  • Cameron Adonis Budack and Sabrina Jeanne May
  • Jordan Michael Humphrey and Amber Dawn Thiebaud
  • Austin Allyn Goodwin and Danielle Brook Nielsen
  • Phillip Eugene Duran and Jennifer Renee Kruger
  • Steven Robert Archer and Kathryn Dawn Kersting
  • Kegan Daye Lassiter and Trisha Corynn Gail
  • Shawn Ray Talley and Bridget Ann Herron
  • Bill Joe Doll and Tediann Irene Yauger
  • Tanner Gordon Leeling and Desiree Taylor Tholl
  • William Rick Hensley and Genie Lee Chapman
  • Colt Tyler Whisenhunt and Kylee Kay Dawson
  • Sawyer Ethan Daniels and Amanda Jean Scott
  • Garrett Christopher Clouser and Brooklynn Laura Kraft
  • Tristan Hunter Morgan and Caitlin Riley Hart
  • Jacob Zackary Suko and Courtney Leigh Allgood
  • Dennis Tim Lozoya Jr., and Maritza Edith Vega Diaz
  • Andrew Ping Kwan Lee and Patricia Grace Tu
  • Robert William Smith and Rachel Autumn Cady-Hanson
  • Shane Mitchell Patrick and Maryalice Veronica Liska
  • Jason Michael Williams and Ashley Theresa Schmidt
  • Seth Daniel Snitker and Hollie Rae True
  • Mackenzie Leigh Morgan and Kylee Morgan Richards
  • Everett Matney and Kylee Michelle Sulzen


CASPER — These were granted (made final) in Natrona County and released by the Clerk of District Court’s office. All divorces granted in Natrona County are printed as a matter of public record.

Shaliah Moo

  • re v. Ian Moore
  • Dawn Marie Etter v. Jason Lee Hooper
  • Kari Schroeder v. Philip Schroeder
  • Bryan Thomas Pekuri v. Shambra Lee Pekuri
  • Sheena Marie Snyder v. Shawn Thomas Snyder
  • Benjamin Pearce Morris IV v. Sarah Denise Morris
  • Lauren Ashley Zuniga v. Adrian Lee Zuniga
  • Kimberly Anne Utley v. Joshua Cole Utley
  • Jamie Dawn Underwood v. Richa
  • rd Steven Underwood
  • Connie Jean Sulzman v. Louis Dewey Sulzman
  • Alexa Sue Andrews v. Ryan Alan Andrews
  • Kristina Anneliza Stacia Lappin v. Christopher Scott Lappin
  • Mary Ann Meister v. Leonard Leon Meister
  • Kristine Kay Booth Thompson v. Lloyd James Thompson Jr.
  • Megan Nicole Russell v. Ryan Ray Russell
  • Mark Daniel Auvil v. Jennifer Lynn Auvil
  • Nina Rae D’Arcy v. Christopher Charles D’Arcy


CASPER — These were recorded at Wyoming Medical Center. The Star-Tribune prints all births that occur at Wyoming Medical Center, released by the hospital with consent of the mother; as well as home births, and births that may take place outside of Casper to Casper and Glenrock residents because of military deployment, medical reasons or temporary employment. In the case of unmarried parents, a paternity form must be on file at the hospital for the father to be listed.

Sept. 17, 2019

Boy, Ray LaVon Robinson III, to Courtney Burnett and Ray Robinson Jr., Casper

Sept. 18, 2019

Girl, Sydney Christine, to Shawna and Colter Patterson, Casper

Boy, Owen Mitchell, to Madison Crawford, Casper

Sept. 19, 2019

Girl, Samantha Carol Roseanne, to Lydia Johnson Rodriguez and Andrew Rodriguez, Casper

Boy, Lucas Lauriano, to Savannah Mcomie and Tecumseh Perank, Casper

Sept. 21, 2019

Girl, Sophia Julie, to Elizabeth and Tim Hansen, Casper

Girl, Charity Jo, to Amanda and Gary Perrington, Casper

Girl, Zayra May, to Kayla Coronado and Arlanzo DeLeon, Casper

Sept. 23, 2019

Boy, Beau Dalton, to Charlie and Chance Campbell, Casper

Sept. 24, 2019

Boy, Mayson Charles, to Maegan and Brayden Abbott, Casper

Girl, Mazikeen Rhea, to Kayla and Dakota Honaker, Douglas

Sept. 25, 2019

Girl, Nova Skyeann, to Patricia Henry and Robert House, Casper

Boy, Carter Michael, to Cortnie and Chris Elrod, Casper

Sept. 26, 2019

Girl, Maeva Luana, to Alethea Oiterong and Jesus Barbosa, Casper

Girl, Everly Marie, to Imagin Wysocki, Midwest

Sept. 27, 2019

Girl, Chloe Elizabeth, to Michelle Menuey and Rae Read, Casper

Sept. 30, 2019

Boy, Michael Anthony, to Shantellia Woolett, Casper

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