New civil cases

DFS v. Nicole L. Wurtz, child support/parental contribution

DFS and Alexandria J. Lopez v. Andres M. Lerma, child support/parental contribution

DFS and Lorena M. Obrien v. Kyle E. Rubush, child support/parental contribution

DFS and Camille S. Lynn v. Brett A. Dunning, child support/parental contribution

DFS and Launa D. Jenne v. Steven D. Capshaw, child support/parental contribution

DFS and Kimberly A. Carrico Smith v. Robert K. Smith, child support/parental contribution

DFS and Tiffany M. Root v. Timothy S. Vasquez, child support/parental contribution

Anastasia Lisa Varkuza v. Teague Russell Silverthorne, domestic register foreign judgment

Timothy P. Read v. Nancie J. Benson, domestic register foreign judgment

Alondra Melissa Arandia v. Nicolas Douglas, domestic register foreign judgment

Elizabeth Hawk v. Douglas Hawk, domestic register foreign judgment

Lara C. Anderson v. Michael T. Allen, domestic register foreign judgment

Christina R. Macrae v. Brooks A. Macrae, divorce with children

State re: US currency totaling $4,110.02, forfeiture of property

Granite Peak Properties v. Richard Gronning and Dino Auto Sales Inc., business organization litigation

Blake William Wock to Blake William Jackson, name change

Christine Marie Wock to Christine Marie Jackson, name change

Civil case disposition

CollectionCenter Inc. v. Kelsey B. Munsinger, default judgmnet

Ashlee Bradshaw v. Eric Bradshaw, judgment

DFS v. Jess A. Bartlett, default judgment

Maribel M. Aguilar v. Jose Manuel Izaldo, judgment

Calista Chavis v. Daniel Swope, judgment

DFS v. Dominica Denise Leigh Manzanares, judgment

Brooklyn Moore v. Colton Decrou, order

Kelly A. Tomes v. Brian J. Harty, judgment

Shalane Cramer v. Raeanne S. Cramer, judgment

Dawn L. Swope v. Daniel R. Swope, judgment

DFS v. Amy W. Williams, judgment (2 cases)

Kristine Fish v. Andrew Fish, order to modify

Robert S. White v. Maurissa Mitchell Wright, judgment

Raeanne Sheree Cramer v. James S. Wallace, judgment

Criminal case disposition

Brandon T. Thompson, theft $1,000 or more, guilty; make writing that purports to be another’s (times 2), dismissed times 2

Jamie Quinelle Wilson, obtain property by false pretenses $1,000 or more, dismissed; buy or receive stolen property $1,000 or more, deferred sentence

Viliami Tuakoi, sex abuse minor 1st degree times 3, guilty times 1, dismissed times 2

Lance Allyn Muir, possess controlled substance, powder or crystal, 3 grams or less, 3rd plus offense, guilty; possess controlled substance, plant, 3 ounces or less, 3rd plus offense, guilty.

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