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If you haven't heard of Ted Ladd, you've probably just arrived in Wyoming.

And that's OK with Ted, who feared his inclusion in the "40 under 40" section would "politicize" it.

But there's more to Ted Ladd than politics. A lot more.

Ted is the owner of Hewitt Ladd, Inc., a business consulting firm. It is Ted's job to dissect a business plan and determine the efficacy of the business. He loves it, he says, because every month brings a different project that has to be learned "incredibly quickly."

But the toughest part for Ted is telling a client to stop, that the idea, "while exciting and interesting, will break the bank."

"The solace I get is that the business will change or entrepreneurs will live to fight another day," he says.

Ted, who is a member of the Wyoming Small Business Council, believes strongly in this type of economic development.

"I think people have better lives when they love what they do," he says. "To love it often requires working for yourself. When you love what you do, you make more money, raise healthier children, your dogs are better behaved. It's satisfying for me as a career and life goal."

And Ted is teaching classes for business people through the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, a commitment he values as a way to give back to the community.

In fact, one of Ted's favorite quotes speaks to this commitment.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing," Ted says, quoting Edmund Burke. "The modern equivalent is, 'Do it!"'

Age: 35

First paid job: Ranch hand in Sunlight Basin

Professional person admired: My dad

A book on my nightstand: Ted keeps books in his Palm Pilot - Currently reading a series of mysteries set in Alaska

Favorite stress buster: Hockey

Recent movie: "Million Dollar Baby"

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