There is a lot in the media lately about inappropriate behavior between people, especially when it comes to sexual relations between those who have power and those who do not. Congress has passed a bipartisan resolution to require training for all congresspersons and their aides in appropriate ways to be behave in terms of power and sexuality (See, we do believe in miracles!). This got me thinking about the possibility of a Scriptural Training Program in this area and about what the Bible has to say about appropriate behavior between the sexes, between the powerful and the not so powerful, between kings/lords and their people.

Scripture speaks more about relationships between kings and their subjects (See David and Bathsheba and how that turned out.) and since I have no interest in inherited royalty, something I continue to remind my British friends, I think it better for us in the good old USA, to talk about relationships between employers and employees, bosses and employees, teachers and students, Congress and everybody else.

Jesus says that if you want to have power over someone, serve them and He washes their feet to show them how to serve. This “Christian ethic” can be applied to all other quotes from Scripture people use to make points. Having dominion over Creation is then translated, “Serve Creation!” Paul tells men to serve their spouses like they would serve their own body and how Jesus serves the Church.” (Now Paul knew how to get men’s attention and I am not talking about the reference to Jesus.) Women serve your spouses and let’s all of us listen to one another. Bosses serve your employees and do not abuse your place of power in their lives regardless of gender, status or where they come from. Congress, serve your country.

Maybe Congress will be reminded that they are called to serve the public good and not their own good. It is that simple and that difficult. We could save some public tax dollars in training if they would follow this simple rule from “Fr. Jim’s Book of Christian ethics,” a paraphrase from Jesus. “Love/Serve one another as I have loved/served you.” As Jesus says to lawyer who asks him how to behave toward his neighbor, we could simply say to Congress and one another, “Go and do likewise!”

For what it’s worth.

“For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face.” I Corinthians 13.12 KJV. Rev. Shumard is priest in charge of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Casper. You may contact him at