Chris Walsh

Councilman Chris Walsh said he saw no need for a city employee to deliver his copy of the budget.

Took office: January 2017

Term expires: January 2021


  • Strong public safety
  • Strong public works (water, sewer, roads, trash collection, etc.)
  • Ensuring that we have an adequate city staff to maintain the core functions.

“We need well trained and properly staffed police and fire departments and the supporting personnel to make sure they can function well. Community safety is a bedrock of a healthy city, without it everything suffers. Another bedrock element in any city is the public works personnel. We take for granted that our trash will be picked up, roads will be maintained and plowed and to get you water you just turn on the faucet.”

Outside Council

"I retired as the Chief of Police from the Casper Police Department in 2014. I started with the Casper PD in 1990."



"The best way to get a hold of me is through my city email or just call."

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