Dale Bohren Publisher 307-266-0516


Rachel Harrison Circulation Manager 307-266-0546


Sean Johnson Digital Advertising Manager 307-266-0569
Marvin Rone Account Executive 307-266-0612
Lou Cardran Recruitment Specialist 307-266-0587
Shawn Killinger Obituary & Legal Ad Consultant 307-266-0554
Sami Bowman Classified Advertising Specialist 307-266-0576
Josh McConkey Sales Executive 307-266-0521
Keven Brown Sales Executive 307-266-0617

Business Office

Jeff Hansen Controller 307-266-0506
Rebecca Harris Business Services Support 307-266-0510


Joshua Wolfson Editor 307-266-0575
Brandon Foster Managing Editor 307-266-0574
Seth Klamann Education and Health Reporter 307-266-0544
Shane Sanderson Crime and Courts Reporter 307-266-0624
Sally Ann Shurmur Community News Editor 307-266-0520
Jack Nowlin Sports Editor 307-266-0528
Anna Shaffer Copy Editor 307-266-0573
Travis Holmes Copy and Social Media Editor 307-266-0605
Nick Reynolds Politics Reporter
Davis Potter College Sports Reporter 6628324132
Brady Oltmans High School Sports Reporter 307-266-0615
Elysia Conner 3072771499
Morgan Hughes Local Government Reporter 307-266-0505
Visual Journalist 307-266-0517

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