I don’t like being cold. It makes me grumpy.

I don’t like scraping my windshield in the morning, wearing snow boots to walk out the front door or leaning sideways to brace myself in the wind.

But like many of us, I learned early to either fight the snow or enjoy it.

Instead of thinking about winter as a slog with short days and even longer nights, picture it as an excuse to bundle up and witness a side of nature few ever experience.

It’s a chance to go fast on freshly-groomed slopes or trod silently through powder.

It’s all about perspective.

While explaining how to learn to ski in a story on page 12, Casper ski shop manager Tyler Patik struggled to articulate why he loves winter. He settled on the overwhelming quiet. That’s the thing about winter — when your world is covered in a gentle blanket of white and every bit of your surroundings glisten — it can be indescribable.

This winter, embrace the cold. Look forward to storms that forecast 8 to 12 inches. They’re a source of adventure, not a hassle.

And use this issue of Roam Wyoming as your guide. On pages 5 through 9, you’ll find a breakdown of all of Wyoming’s downhill ski areas, and the more developed cross country areas. You’ll also find information about snowmobile trails. On pages 10 and 11 you’ll find one of my personal favorites, six weekend adventures tailored to your budget. I promise you’ll find something in there you want to do.

You’ll also find a quick breakdown of three winter activities — cross country and downhill skiing and snowshoeing. And if worry about being embarrassed on the slopes is keeping you at home, check out Brady Oltmans’ tale of his first season snowboarding. You’ll laugh and realize you belong out there, too.

From pictures of big fish on page 23 to gear ideas for him and her on page 14 to recipes for the perfect winter day, we have your back this winter.

See you out there.

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Managing Editor

A Casper native, Christine Peterson started as a Star-Tribune intern in 2002. She has covered outdoor recreation, the environment and wildlife since 2010, and became managing editor in 2015. If not tracking bears or elk on assignment, she's chasing trout.

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