At the beginning of his three-hour performance Sunday, Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl had one question.

Who all had work in the morning?

The crowd, bunched in front of the Casper Events Center stage, screamed in response.

He promised to keep them out late.

“We have a bit of a situation,” the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee said at one point. “We have too many hits, too many songs.”

Still, the crowd matched the band’s boundless energy for three hours during the Casper stop on the band’s tour promoting its new album, “Concrete and Gold.”

From floor to stands, people sang along to songs new and old. The audience at one point carried the chorus of the 1997 hit, “My Hero.”

Grohl’s voice shifted easily — from so soft that the audience’s singing overtook it to an overpowering scream.

The band members took every chance to interact with the audience, making the set as personal as it was energetic. Grohl made plenty of eye contact, gestures and comments to engage the crowd as he ran from one side of the stage to the other, making sure no section of the audience was left out.

Grohl even gave one woman a new nickname — Cherry Cola — after she shouted her name from the front row. He couldn’t quite catch the name (he blamed poor hearing) but bestowed a new nickname upon her instead.

“I’ll be your Crown Royal if you’ll be my cherry cola,” he told her.

Later he spoke to a young boy in the front row who spent much of the night wearing large white headphones.

“Little man, you won’t remember this ... I hope you do,” the rock star told the boy.

The crowd was given an opportunity to see Grohl behind the drums when he traded spots with drummer Taylor Hawkins for a cover of Queen’s “Under Pressure.” Grohl rose to fame as Nirvana’s drummer.

Casper’s tour stop was blessed with opening act Bob Mould, a former Hüsker Dü member who served as early inspiration for Grohl.

At Grohl’s instruction, the audience greeted the musician with a cheery “Hi Bob!” Grohl and Mould then played a song they wrote together, “Dear Rosemary.”

About halfway through the show, the 48-year-old Grohl kicked the whole band off the stage.

“Let’s sing a song together, just you and I,” he told the crowd before singing a quieter song alone on stage.

After the final song, the crowd demanded more. It chanted and stomped for the band to return. The members appeared on a screen from backstage and negotiated whether they should return for an encore. The crowd won and the band returned for three songs.

“Do you have it in you for one more?” Grohl asked the audience members before the final song.

Of course they did. Hundreds ended the night singing along to the chorus of “Everlong.”

“If everything could ever feel this real forever,” they sang. “If anything could ever be this good again.”

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