Following are the new additions in the Natrona County Detention Center at 6:17 a.m. January 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2019. Along with the inmates’ names are their age, the arresting agency and the charges for which they have been detained. Outcomes of cases are not included in this report. For the complete inmate rosters dated January 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2019, visit trib.com.

Saturday additions:

Joshua ODonnell, 25, CPD, county warrant/hold for agency; John Payne, 21, NCSO, serve jail time; Albert Gaines, 25, NCSO, hold for WSP; Aaron Miracle, 45, CPD, controlled substance possession, strangulation of household member, county warrant/hold for agency, controlled substance possession meth; Dillon Adams, 30, CPD, suspended/revoked driver’s license; Austin Swift, 32, CPD, strangulation of household member, domestic battery, interfering with 911 call; Zachary Buslett, 30, NCSO, hold for probation and parole; Andrew Youker, 25, NCSO, serve jail time; Diamond Huffer, 27, CPD, district court bench warrant; Jayce Spencer, 19, EPD, fail to appear; Jeannie Neubauer, 22, NCSO, fail to comply; Kendra Miller, 27, NCSO, criminal warrant; Gary Bushnell, 39, CPD, county warrant/hold for agency; Jas Harger, 33, CPD, simple assault, public intoxication; Trevor Latimore, 22, CPD, strangulation of household member, domestic battery, controlled substance or liquor in jail; Justin Brown, 26, DCI, contract hold/billing.

Sunday additions:

Malia McCarthy, 24, NCSO, serve jail time; John Mann, 58, CPD, fail to appear; Frank Farley, 33, CPD, county warrant/hold for agency; Laura Tolley, 41, MPD, hold for probation and parole, escape from detention; Joseph Jackson, 29, EPD, DWUI, controlled substance possession, two and three lane.

Monday additions:

Catherine Johnson, 21, NCSO, hold for 24/7; Latisha Sholes, 47, CPD, hold for probation and parole; Jacob Palmer, 24, NCSO, fail to comply, fail to appear; Alida Mattson, 27, CPD, public intoxication.

Tuesday additions:

Jesse Moore, 33, NCSO, serving weekends; Melody Jahrig, 39, NCSO, serve jail time; Tanner Foust, 23, NCSO, hold for circuit court, hold for WSP; Issac SittingEagles, 32, NCSO, contract hold/billing; Matthew Fiscus, 47, NCSO, hold for WSP; Randal Fox, 54, MPD, improper registration/plates, DWUI, insurance liability; Brian Farmer, 50, NCSO, criminal warrant; Keith Kuder, 35, CPD, suspended/revoked driver’s license; Wayne Reno, 34, CPD, county warrant/hold for agency.

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