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The cat was the culprit.

Earlier this week it was reported that a Florida woman got into her vehicle and as she began to drive away, a house cat leaped into her car and attacked her. You can imagine her screams and the slapstick antics of this surprised woman trying to get out of her car as the feline clawed about in fear.

It might have been funny except that while she was trying to escape the cat attack, the woman jumped out of the car and her moving vehicle, rolling in reverse, ran over her. According to the Highway Patrol the woman suffered critical injuries and was taken away by ambulance.

The trooper said and I quote, “It’s very unusual to have an animal leap into a car and bite somebody like this and get run over by your own car.”

Really? You think that’s odd? Very.

The circumstances may be strange but the moral of the story is not: life can change in a feline flash.

Now, I don’t want to sound dismal or morose, but we all live on the precipitous edge of potential “feline fury.” Or, an unknown, unexpected, crazy “cat attack” experience.

It was a year ago that my mom, an enthusiastic lover of life, told us she had not been feeling well. Hours later, while sitting in a small emergency room, we found out that she had a very short time to live.

One day we are going about our normal life, having an early morning coffee, going to church, talking and laughing. The next day we were flying to see a specialist and feeling the dread building as we watched our parents maneuver through the madness of uncertainty.

The cat had attacked.

And I know, as you read these words your own memories are flooding over you. Maybe you got a phone call that turned your life upside down. Or, you made one decision that immediately skewed the trajectory of your best intentions. I bet you can remember in vivid colors the day the “cat attacked.”

It happens to everyone.

Even those who trust God.

At times I get frustrated with the seemingly randomness of suffering and loss. I want to know why. Or, maybe like a teenager who wants her way, I cry out, “Why not?”

Still, even in the middle of the “cat attack,” there is an unexplainable peace that settles in around those who believe God. Despite our circumstances, God changes not.

It’s the beauty of the larger narrative of the history. God is always good, even when the “cat attacks” and we end up hurt, worn out and in need of help. God is present, not to demand or control, but to comfort and console. Sometimes He intervenes in ways we won’t see this side of eternity. Other times He allows our choices to chart the course; yet, He is close to provide us resolve to finish well.

The cat will attack. It’s the nature of life on earth. However, the God of yesterday never changes in character.

He still loves. He still works all things for good for those who call Him Lord.

He still heals, sets captives free, and He still has a good plan for us.

When the cat jumps in your car? Be calm. God is bigger than the cat.

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Community News Editor

Sally Ann Shurmur arrived at the Star-Tribune to cover sports two weeks after graduating from the University of Wyoming and now serves as community news editor. She was raised in Laramie and is a passionate fan of Cowboys football, food and family.

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