Man who lost mom to Covid-19 thanks nurse who arranged for them to video chat one last time

Man who lost mom to Covid-19 thanks nurse who arranged for them to video chat one last time


One man got to see his mother one last time before she passed away from coronavirus, thanks to the efforts of this nurse.

Christina Pascarelli is a front line nurse in New Jersey who has been critical in fighting the coronavirus. She appeared on "New Day" on Saturday morning to speak about her experiences, and host Christi Paul surprised her with a video message from a son of one of her patients.

Dom Porco couldn't be by his mother's side when she died, so Pascarelli arranged an online meeting between the two during his mother's final moments.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing me to speak to my mom one last time," Porco began. "Knowing that my mom didn't die alone and that you held her hand as she passed through this world truly comforted me and gave me a sense of peace."

He continued, "I'm so grateful for all the hard work you and Dr. Kim and many of the other medical workers have provided throughout this. I pray for you guys every day, that God will protect you and guide you through this terrible nightmare. I'm so grateful. Thank you."

The short message brought tears to Pascarelli's eyes.

"That was really cool to hear," she said. "Thank you for everyone ... for putting your trust in us to take care of your family members when, you know, you're seeing so much in the media -- good, bad, everything -- but just to know to trust us that we're doing everything we can."



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