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We've all experienced a dog wearing the classic "cone of shame" after a surgery or doctor's visit, and we can't help but feel bad for them. The cone is essential to the dogs healing and for their protection, but we still can't help but pity our four-legged companion. Luckily for both you and your pet, we have 5 alternatives to the classic cone to make eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing a more comfortable experience.

1. Soft E-Collar


This soft collar is a great alternative to the cone, using cloth instead of plastic. While this collar isn't the best at protecting your pup from licking and biting, it'll make sleeping and eating a lot easier.

2. Inflatable Cone


This cone is a great little neck pillow similar to human airplane neck pillows. This style is easy to wear and very comfortable, but also doesn't do a very good job at protection. If your dog has an injury on it's front area, this inflatable cone will be perfect.

3. Neck Controller


There are large collars available that immobilize the neck, making it more difficult for dogs to lick. Depending on the flexibility of your dog, this is a great option instead of the classic plastic e-collar.

4. Comfy Cone


This cone is an upgrade from the classic plastic cone, and is a lot more comfortable for your dog. With an adjustable collar, easy on and off velcro or buckle, and comfy inner-lining, you can't go wrong with this alternative.

5. Post-Surgery Clothing


A final option would be to clothe your dog and skip the cone entirely. This is a great option if your dog has a minor or short term injury and doesn't bite or lick a lot. Not to mention, your dog will look very stylish and a lot less pitiful. 

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