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I used to forget something on each first-of-the-year camping trip.One time it was a can opener and utensils. Another time it was water (in my defense, I didn’t realize it was too early in the season for campground water). Yet another time a miscommunication with my husband meant we had no hot chocolate or coffee.

I wrote about one of the debacles in a column years ago, and a reader helpfully suggested I make a list to remind me what I should be bring each year.

As a lifelong fan of lists, I took her advice and made one that has kept (most) of our early camping trips fully stocked.

That’s the beauty of the outdoors community; people are always willing to share their tips and tricks.

This issue of Roam Wyoming is devoted entirely to the pursuit of camping. If you’ve never really gone, consider this a primer to get you started. If you’re a regular camper, page through; you may find some ideas that even the most seasoned veteran hasn’t considered.

The stories are built around the basic premise that camping should be fun, easy and accessible. You don’t need expensive equipment or weeks off work. You don’t need to drive for hours. Wyoming has plenty of spots right outside – or sometimes even inside – your town.

But before you go, consider building yourself a camp box. It’s helped my family cut down on manic packing before the first trip of the year, and it means each weekend we have our basic necessities together and ready to go. Find the basic components on page 3.

Have you been thinking of trying out backpacking? Check out three easy, one-night trips on page 10 offered by experts from around the state.

Cook something other than hotdogs and baked beans for dinner and instant oatmeal for breakfast with three delicious recipes we went ahead and tested for you on page 19.

And don’t forget, if you see something in these pages you’d like to know more about, or think of something that’s missing, let me know. I’d also love to hear from you if you have a tip or trick you’ve learned. You may see it shared again in these pages.

Be safe out there this summer, and have fun!

Reach outdoors reporter Christine Peterson at 307-797-0731 or


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