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After 5 months, Cheyenne diocese's work continues in compiling list of credibly accused Wyoming clergy

Catholic leaders in Wyoming continue to compile a full list of credibly accused clergymen stretching back to 1950, more than five months after the work began and three months after the diocese announced the effort to its parishioners.

For Kemmerer mine retirees, judge's decision leaves them with no health benefits and few options

KEMMERER — The Gunters have collectively worked the Kemmerer coal mine for 200 years. Countless times over those decades, they’ve donned hard hats and made the short drive from town to the mine that is the lifeblood of this southwest Wyoming community.

With a declining market for its coal, a Wyoming town deals with something new: uncertainty

KEMMERER — Four men sat shoulder to shoulder in a back booth of Rosie’s bar on a frigid February night in southwestern Wyoming. They laughed loudly as the rounds progressed, at inside jokes about the coal mine where they’d worked for decades, about families and mutual friends around town.


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Editorial board: Groups owe it to public to get to bottom of hospital shooting

Last week, a man walked in to Wyoming Medical Center armed with a gun. It wasn’t immediately clear how he got in, or how he managed to enter a section of the hospital that is not open to the public. He was high on LSD, he allegedly told police. At some point, investigators say, he took out a…

For Casper eighth-graders, a mock trial with real-world intentions

A 68-year-old retired veterinarian was convicted of voluntary manslaughter Thursday in the shooting death of a father in a Carter City parking lot after a jury rejected the defense’s claim that the veterinarian’s actions were protected by Wyoming’s new “stand your ground” law.

Editorial board: Adults victims of sexual assault need increased support, services

Last month, a judge sentenced Casper businessman Tony Cercy to six to eight years in prison for third-degree sexual assault. The sentence was important in many ways. For one, it underscored the fact that wealth does not buy impunity from justice. But even more importantly, it illustrated the…

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