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GREYBULL (WNE) — While lightning has caused the majority of the fires in Big Horn County, there has also been a combine fire, the spontaneous combustion of a haystack and many others possibly set on purpose by an individual or individuals.

Fire Warden Brent Godfrey said while firefighters were fighting the lightning-caused Terek Fire, a person(s) was driving around and setting additional fires.

These arson fires have typically been started at night and in the areas of the Ten Sleep Road, Alkali Flats and the lower Nowood.

Authorities have descriptions of a few suspicious vehicles and are following up on leads.

There have already been 20 fires in Big Horn County this summer, and Godfrey predicts it is only going to get worse. The "real" fire season doesn’t start for a few weeks. He anticipates that as the summer continues, the grasses, weeds, etc., will continue to dry out, making many places tinderboxes.

He said he hadn’t heard of or seen any livestock or wildlife that had perished because of the fire.


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