How to get the most out of your Star-Tribune membership

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From just visiting on your computer to enjoying curated newsletters, exclusive discounts and searchable archives, here is how you can get the most out of your Casper Star-Tribune membership:

Our journalists work day and night to keep up-to-date with the latest local news that’s most important to you, with topics including business, crime and courts, politics, sports and more. Visit our website on any device to see the latest.

If you prefer the look of the traditional paper, check out our e-Edition. It’s a digital replica of the print newspaper that you can read on your computer, tablet or phone.

You can also get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your browser with our desktop notifications. Enable and manage your notifications by clicking the bell icon to the right side of the bar at the top of our website.

In your inbox

Get the news delivered directly to you, no matter where you are, through our email newsletters.

With a variety of daily and weekly options, you can choose the topics that matter most to you and customize the content coming directly to your inbox.

Want to stay informed on the most urgent events? We have a Breaking News newsletter for that.

Enjoy reading the e-Edition daily? Have it delivered to your inbox every morning with our e-Edition email.

Think of yourself as the next Joanna Gaines? You may be interested in our Home & Garden newsletter, which will ensure you receive the hottest home trends, gardening tips and more every week.

If you see any you like, just click the checkbox next to the name of the newsletter. Once you have all the ones you’re interested in receiving selected, enter your email address and name and then click the Sign Up button to finish the process.

You can sign up or unsubscribe to our newsletters at any time. Change your settings by clicking the “Edit your e-mail newsletter subscriptions” link at the bottom of any newsletter.

Share insights and inspiration

You have the opportunity to help spread the message of how much local journalism means to you through a gift subscription.

With this gift, a recipient of your choice will be able to take advantage of all the benefits a Digital Basic membership has to offer, including no surveys and unlimited articles.

Some membership levels even come with more than one gift subscription! Check out just how many gift subscriptions you have to give here.

On your phone is available on all devices but we also have an app developed specifically for phones and available on both IOS and Android devices!

Our app provides continually updating news, sports and local information. It also has several special features:

  • Receive breaking news notifications
  • Save stories to a favorites list to view later
  • Share stories with your friends via text, email or Twitter

Explore history

As a valued member, you have history available at your fingertips!

We have partnered with, an online home to millions of historical newspaper pages from around the United States, to give our members FREE access to the most recent 2 years of our historical archives.

Our viewer lets you explore a newspaper page in detail, clip a page or article and print, save or share what you find. You can also see and jump to surrounding pages in the same issue.

When you find something you want a copy of, you can print the image directly from the viewer or download the image and save a digital copy first. If you have a family tree set up on, you can save a clip from the archive onto your family tree.

As an added bonus, you can also get access FULL access to our entire archives just for $19.95/ 6 months!

Follow your favorite reporters

If you have favorite reporters, you can get updates on their most recent articles by going to any stories they have written and following them.

Getting a few too many updates? Manage notifications in your member dashboard, which can be accessed by logging in and clicking the dashboard button in the menu.

Enjoying incredible discounts, deals and coupons

When you become a member, you automatically get access to special content, valuable discounts and unique perks.* That includes access to hundreds of venues, shows and tickets at discounted pricing, the lowest prices on over 100,00 hotels in the U.S. and around the world and major discounts on popular brands and retailers.

*Available to Silver, Gold and Platinum level members

Save on a Washington Post subscription

Members can save 40% on an annual Washington Post subscription!*

For only $59 a year, you get unlimited access to on any device AND unlimited access to all Washington Post apps.

*Available to Silver, Gold and Platinum level members

In your social media feed

Want to make sure you don’t miss a thing? Here’s how to make sure you see our posts first in your feed:

  • Visit our Facebook page
  • Click on “Following” at the top of our page. If you’re on a mobile device you may need to click “...” first.
  • Select “See First”

You can also choose to get notifications when we post to Facebook through the same directions listed above and selecting “On” if you’re on a desktop or by switching the toggle to the right of “Get Notifications” on a mobile device.

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