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Shortly after we moved here, we had several people tell us to be sure and experience the 'seven wonders of Casper.' How do we do that? Can you tell us where to find these 'wonders?'

- VT in Casper

While the title of the "Seven Wonders of Casper" makes sense - named after the "Seven Wonders of the World," in case you didn't catch that - I've certainly found more than seven "wonders" in our little city.

And I don't mean that in the cute way it sounds. I mean the list grows randomly, as people's ideas of the "Seven Wonders" change. Here's a list of the ones I've heard so far:

1. Lookout Point: This "wonder," off Casper Mountain Road, allows you to see all of Casper at once. Quite a feat, since the city has grown so much in the last few years.

2. Cowboy in the Lights: Apparently, from Lookout Point, when you see the Casper lights at night, they form the shape of a cowboy on a bucking horse. Sounds like a myth to me.

3. Egg Beater: Ah, yes, the Wells Fargo Tower in downtown Casper. Stand under it, spin around a bunch, and it looks like you're in a giant egg beater. But don't spin too much - you'll fall over or throw up and the wonder will be lost.

4. The Lady's Voice/Echo Chamber: Called different things depending on who you're talking to, this architectural phenomenon is located near the Natrona County Library parking lot, in the rotunda. Face the middle of the rotunda from the sidewalk and speak into the center plaque. The sound reverberates ten-fold. Also, you can whisper to friends from one side of the rotunda, and they'll hear you clearly at the other side. It's a trick of acoustics but still neat.

5. Car in a Box: Drive toward Second Street on Sun Drive, and you'll see a car in a box as you approach the Second Street intersection. I'm not sure how wonderful this is, but …

6. Hidden Clock: In the First Interstate Parking Garage, there is a working clock that can only be seen from the third floor. Look to the left, and you'll see it on the side of a building. I'm guessing it became the "hidden" clock after First Interstate built the parking garage. Before then, it would have been just a regular clock.

7. Gravity Hill: Probably the most famous of the wonders, gravity hill is located on Garden Creek Road, near the entrance to Rotary Park, when going toward Casper Mountain Road. There's a big tree (specific, I know), and all you have to do is put your car in neutral. It will be "pulled" up the hill. Why it's called Gravity Hill, I'll never understand. That trick seems more anti-gravity, no?

8. Eternal Flame: Located just outside of Casper city limits, in Evansville, a flame that never dies tells native Casperites that they're home. While eternal flames are usually lit to mark an event (i.e. the Olympics) or a life (i.e John F. Kennedy), this one marks a territory of significance - Casper itself.

9. Car Light: Another "wonder" on Sun Drive. As you face Second Street, look beside the traffic light. You'll find a light with a car on it. While this is actually a sensor for oncoming traffic, it's still interesting. Kind of.

10. Jewels of Downtown: On Midwest Avenue near Center Street, there's a storm drain cover that seems to shine in the light. Apparently, jewels become visible in the manhole cover.

11. Spiral Staircase: Located in the alley behind Toy Town on Center Street, this "wonder" is a large, winding silver staircase that leads virtually nowhere. It would be good for exercise, if nothing else.

And those are all of the quirks I've been told to notice. I guess the "11 Oddities of Casper" doesn't sound as good as "wonders." Then again, the "11 Wonders of Casper" doesn't sound that great either. Nor would the "7-11 Wonders of Casper." That sounds like people should visit Casper for a Slurpee and a pack of gum.

So for now, pick your favorite seven and stick with 'em. More are sure to develop as time goes on.

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