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Chris Krumm's letter

Chris Krumm's letter

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Editor's note

The Casper Star-Tribune is publishing this letter, written by Christopher Krumm, released by the Casper Police on Wednesday. The paper is reprinting the letter so that the community will hopefully get a better understanding of the horrible events at Casper College and on Hawthorne Avenue nearly three weeks ago. We urge caution and discretion in reading through this lengthy note. Some of the claims Krumm makes have never been substantiated. This communication also speaks to the mindset and outlook of the person who committed these terrible acts of violence.


Casper Police Department Press Release

Due to the Freedom of Information Act the police department is releasing the details of letters found at both Hawthorne and Casper College. The letters are identical in content and lead to insight into Chris Krumm's state of mind.

We discourage people from making flash judgments based off of the letters content. Chris Krumm had self diagnosed himself, there is no proof he was ever medically diagnosed with any form of mental or physical condition.

This should not be viewed as a form of glorifying the events that took place. Our hope is to help prevent future incidents of explosive behavior. People should use this information to help identify similar ideations and intervene prior to such tragic events.



End Tired of Having Asperger Syndrome; America Should Look to China

You should not have allowed my father to breed because he was genetically predispositioned toward having Asperger's Syndrome and put me at greatly increased risk for having it [and in fact I do]. How could you hold his right to breed over my right not be born? I could have been reincarnated as that next life without Asperger's Syndrome. At 25 years old, I could really be somebody by now. Yet despite having a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering I have not been able to solve the novel problems I need to solve at work causing me to be fired from Western Area Power Administration as an engineer, resign to avoid being fired from the Dennis Group, be laid off with prejudice from PAR, and resign from Broadband because I am struggling more than I care to in order to subsist. I have never had a love life and have always had to subsist as a sort of bottom feeder. I am extremely bitter and frothing with hatred toward my father. I am resentful that my country did not castrate him .. America, you have a bioethics problem which stems forth from having a democracy. You consume tens of billions of animals every year in despicable enslavement and mass execution for food consumption and you allow your people with poor genes to breed and spread their miserable condition to their children. China is a country with governmental discipline because they have an authoritarian state. The Chinese have fiscal . discipline, social and cultural discipline, and genetic discipline which all stem from having governmental discipline, meanwhile the US does not have any discipline in these areas because it is a democracy. America does not balance budgets, it does not prepare for the future, and it does not address national crises- at least until it is the last minute.

The Chinese have genetic discipline. As Richard Lynn has pointed out, the one child policy in China results in fewer women making it to adulthood, causing those women who to be very choosy in determining a mate. The Eugenic effect is strong and thoroughly permeated, diffused, and distributed throughout their society, and it is an example of classical eugenics. The Chinese invest strongly and enthusiastically in biotechnology for multiple purposes, including the fact that doing so prop·els Eugenics in the modern era and vastly benefits them. Meanwhile, here in America, we rely on little more than the free market to develop biotechnology and do not subsidize it or invest nearly as enthusiastically as the Chinese. We do not have any form of classical eugenics except for the anemic effect that abortion and other voluntary means provide. People who are genetically predispositioned to having cognitive and physical disabilities as well as sociopathy [my father, James Krumm for example] are breeding when they have no business to be doing so- putting people like me vastly at risk for inheriting their genetic diseases. Thus America is betraying countless people who deserve not to born with such impairments, especially when life with such profound impairments is not worth living. I am not willing to live with Asperger's Syndrome any more. In fact I call on people who are born to cognitively or physically impaired people who are genetically predispositioned so to take action to punish their parents for having put them through so much hell. In America, we do not practice classical eugenics and we do not invest in biotechnology eugenics much at all despite it being horrible bioethics to not castrate the cognitively impaired and despite the obvious negative implications for national security and for national strength to refuse to practice and invest in eugenics.

The Chinese have fiscal discipline. With their low next-to-nonexistent welfare spending, moderately low military spending, and their efficient state capitalism they are far more fiscally disciplined than we are here in the United States with our near 17 trillion debt caused by a less efficient market capitalist system and large amounts of both welfare and military spending. The Chinese develop and back global champion corporations which ~utcompete ours, allow for a business environment where investments and business decisions have the advantage of being geared toward the long term, and fiscal monetary policy is set optimally to benefit China. Together with an overwhelmingly pro-business atmosphere and frugal spending the Chinese are very successful. Year after year we endure retarded national political dramas with republicans and libertarians refusing tax increases, and republicans refusing military spending reductions, and democrats refusing specifics on domestic welfare spending reductions. As a result libertarians, democrats, centrists, and republicans (everyone) supposedly favor balancing the budget but the democratic process does not result in a budget which ever, ever, ever gets balanced.

The Chinese are also socially and culturally disciplined. The Chinese have a pragmatic foreign policy and are very self preservationist yet opportunist with regard to foreign affairs and expanding their influence. They do not waste money like we do on fruitless wars but instead rely on trade and diplomacy. While we routinely waste money on Crusades and are overstretched, they are prepared to enter war to defend their interests should the need arise. They do something we in the West could never imagine doing- they tell Muslims how to worship. The Chinese forcibly inject peace into their religion and provide the equivalent of a national Chinese church of Islam where they spy on Muslims and all but force them to assimilate into the overall collective culture and society. All we ever do here in the West leads to Muslims living separately in their own microcosms within Western society where they refuse to integrate with society at large. We are overly individualist and society has become completely atomized -narcissism and sociopathy are at an all time high because such behavior is rewarded in our society. American does nothing about its gang problem which get worse and worse as does drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal immigration, imprisoning people, etc. etc. Communitarian China would not tolerate such erosion. Such decay. Such deterioration at every level of society.

America does nothing about its dependency on foreign oil, it does not invest in smart infrastructure, it under-invests in renewable energy doing little to nothing about global warming, and it extremely under-invests in biotechnology with its implications for eugenics and national security. The Chinese have more watts from renewable energy and yet by today in 2012 still have a smaller economy than we do. They are scheduled to surpass us economically in the coming years, despite the occupation of China by various western powers in the 19'" century, occupation and ravages from Japan in the 20'" century, civil war following World War II, and suffering at the hands of poor ideology for decades at the hands of Mao Zedung's communist agenda. The Chinese have emerged from these disasters in only roughly 40 years a self made people to our inheritance of the Stuart's Folly, Louisiana Purchase, and the legacy of World Wars I and II with our infrastructure intact while the rest of the industrialized world blew itself apart. If there is ever a country which has good bioethics now with regard to stopping people like my father breeding and which holds promise of stopping the cruel treatment of animals for food consumption by eventually banning the eating of meat and developing biotechnology driven alternatives to meat production, then it is China. America must learn from China if it is to compete and it should start by casting aside its democratic values and by acquiring governmental discipline in the form of an authortharian state modeled directly after The People's Republic of China.


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