A group of Casper firefighters group up on the east end of St. Anthony Manor in March 2018. 

A firefighter was injured Tuesday evening while helping to put out a fire in a yard in east Casper, according to Casper Fire-EMS.

A vehicle drove over a hose and injured the firefighter, according to a news release. The firefighter was evaluated at the scene by Wyoming Medical Center and did not need to be taken to the hospital. The fire itself did not cause any reported injuries.

Casper Fire-EMS responded to the fire at around 6 p.m. near the 3800 block of Swanton Avenue. The fire, which involved about five properties, only damaged vegetation, fencing and a gas meter. Firefighters controlled it shortly after they arrived, preventing it from spreading to structures. The cause of the fire is currently undetermined. 

There was also a water main break during the fire, though no apparent damage was done to buildings nearby.

The news release urged people to never drive over a fire hose, saying "This has become a too common occurrence at recent fires in Casper." It did not specify how the firefighter was injured but said: "The lives and safety of firefighters depend on the water flowing through the hoses and they are not designed to bear the weight of vehicles. A vehicle driving over a hose can also displace a nozzle from a firefighter’s control and cause significant injury." 

Casper Fire-EMS also encouraged residents to control the growth of vegetation on their property during the summer.

Casper Police, Wyoming Medical Center, Black Hills Energy, Rocky Mountain Power, Casper Public Utilities and investigators from Natrona County Fire Protection District and Evansville Fire-EMS were also at the scene. At one point, Casper was left with just one available engine because of the fire and a simultaneous call, Casper Fire-EMS said.

Additional information on the cause of the fire will be released when available, according to the announcement.

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