Time Capsule

Kelly Walsh High School teacher Duane Reimer, left, assistant principal Amy Rose, right, and other staff members admire items from a time capsule after it was opened Friday morning in the school’s courtyard. The capsule, a copper box sealed in April 1964, was found behind the school’s cornerstone during the ongoing construction.

People called it an urban legend. They said the time capsule didn’t really exist.

Then, construction workers at Kelly Walsh High School reached behind a granite foundation stone at the school and felt the copper box.

Kelly Walsh officials opened the 1964 time capsule Friday morning before a full complement of Kelly Walsh teachers gathered in the school courtyard for their annual picture.

“It’s just a lot of historical stuff,” deadpanned instructor Duane Reimer as he looked into the box and teachers laughed.

The first item pulled out was a Sunday edition of the Casper Star-Tribune dated April 12, 1964, with a headline reading “LBJ Reports Red Troops Leave Cuba.” What made the teachers cheer, however, was a full-page advertisement announcing the original ceremony to place a time capsule at the then-brand new school.

Kelly Walsh Principal Brad Diller was surprised to find the container, he said, after months of tearing down much of the school as part of Kelly Walsh’s reconstruction.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, I mean for old guys like me,” Diller said. “To be moving into a new school and finding something that somebody was a part of 50 years ago is kind of fun.”

Other items in the box ranged from the valuable — a 1963 Franklin and 1964 Kennedy half-dollar and a piece of Natrona County jade stone, cut and polished by Glenn Goss – to the purely reminiscent — a budget book of the Casper schools and Natrona County School District Board of Trustees policies.

The Kelly Walsh staff cheerfully booed when a Mustang handbook from Natrona County High School came out of the time capsule. They expressed interest in the coins.

When they found the business card of Tim Force Tin Shop in Casper, Diller noted the shop that made and sealed the original time capsule was still in business in Casper.

“Maybe we will reclose it, and maybe we’ll see who we can get to make another one,” Diller remarked.

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