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Casper police arrested two Colorado men Tuesday afternoon after one of the men reported that someone stole his marijuana, which is a controlled substance in Wyoming and illegal to possess.

Police arrived at the Motel 6 on Wilkins Circle just after 2 p.m., after hotel management reported that a customer came to the desk to report that his marijuana was missing from his room. Officers responded to the motel and encountered the man who reported the theft, later identified as Eric Jarrin.

“I made the report,” Jarrin told an officer, according to an arrest affidavit. “It was my weed that was stolen.”

Jarrin then handed the officer his Colorado driver’s license and a medical marijuana card.

Jarrin told the officer that he was in town working at Albertsons. He said he came home from work and “wanted to smoke a bowl” but couldn’t find his marijuana, according to the affidavit. He then went to the front desk to report the missing drugs and waited outside for the police to arrive so that he could directly report the theft to officers.

Officers asked Jarrin whether he had any other marijuana in his room, to which Jarrin replied: “No, I have dabs in my room. Someone stole plant form weed from me.”

He then told officers that dabs, which are a concentrated cannabis extract, were a different form of marijuana than the leafy version. Jarrin led officers to the room and showed them the dabs, a glass pipe and a torch lighter, the affidavit states.

The officers then arrested Jarrin for possession of marijuana.

Another man, smelling strongly of marijuana, walked up the stairs as officers investigated the stolen marijuana, according to a separate affidavit. At the request of officers, the man identified himself as Christopher Rathe.

Rathe told police that he had just come back from smoking marijuana because he was not allowed to smoke in his motel room. Officers asked how much marijuana Rathe had, to which he responded: “Not a lot I can get it for you.”

Officers followed Rathe into his room and showed them his weed, which totaled about 2.86 grams. The officers then arrested Rathe as well.

Both men were booked into the Natrona County Detention Center on suspicion of possession of marijuana.

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