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Petroleum Club

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso talks to supporters at the Casper Petroleum Club, which closed in October, while campaigning in 2008. Developers want to build a microbrewery and restaurant at the site.

Unnamed developers are seeking to open a microbrewery and restaurant in the former Casper Petroleum Club site in northern Casper.

But since the property is in the North Platte Industrial Park, Casper City Council must determine whether a microbrewery is allowed under the permitted land use.

“The potential developers would like to purchase the property and establish a microbrewery and restaurant,” assistant city manager Liz Becher wrote in a memo to council this week.

“In addition to serving beer on site, the proposed microbrewery would assemble and distribute product from this location.”

While the 1980 covenant governing what can be built in the industrial park allows restaurants that serve alcohol, it doesn’t address microbreweries.

But council can approve additional uses, such as a microbrewery, that are not mentioned in the covenant. Members will discuss the issue at their work session on Tuesday.

Becher’s memo was supportive of the project.

“It is of staff’s opinion that there are no other standards, architectural or otherwise, that would prevent the development of a microbrewery, restaurant, and grain silos,” she wrote.

While city planner Craig Collins said he could not disclose the name of the developers, the proposal seems relatively substantial.

An informal request the developers submitted to Collins’ office includes a plan to construct six grain silos in the parking lot.

He said they are waiting on approval from council before moving ahead with the plan.

“They’re wanting to buy the property, and of course they don’t want to buy it if it won’t be a permitted use,” he said.

The Petroleum Club closed in October, citing 15 years of declining membership.


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