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When the Wonder Bar reopens later this year, patrons will discover an entirely new downtown Casper establishment, with two kitchens, multiple bars and a technology-fueled tap room.

The historic downtown Casper establishment was purchased last fall by local energy entrepreneur Tony Cercy and his son, Cole, who has been taking the creative lead on the bar and restaurant’s comprehensive redesign.

Before closing after the sale in October, the Wonder Bar featured a bar and dining area along with a back room with a billiard table and arcade games. The second floor featured a performance space.

Now the bar — officially known as C85 @ The Wonder Bar — has been largely gutted, River Valley Builders project manager Brandon Daigle said Tuesday at a presentation to Casper City Council.

It will reopen with the bar and dining area on the ground floor swapped, new bathrooms, a new kitchen that patrons can see into and an upgraded second floor.

The top floor will be accessed by an open stairway and feature a tap room where customers will use a wristband connected to their credit card to pour as much or as little beer as they want from taps offering 40 different beers.

“You can sample as many craft beers as you want,” Daigle said.

There will also be an area toward the back of the second floor that can be sealed off with glass doors and which can be rented for events.

The top floor will also feature a wall of televisions and a view of Center Street.

“They reopened ... windows back up to give as much indoor-outdoor (as possible),” Daigle said.

There will also be a kitchen on the second floor offering “fast casual” dining options as opposed to the full kitchen downstairs.

Daigle referenced the difficulty of renovating the old building as he showed Council the iconic photo of horses standing at the bar.

“It was a staged photo and apparently they got in trouble for it,” Daigle said. “Having now been in the basement, I don’t understand how they got those horses on that floor.”

“I know some of the things with that old bar,” said Councilman Dallas Laird, who owned the Wonder Bar in 1985. Laird recalled a customer who died on the first night after he opened the bar.

“The economy had taken a dive and a guy took a nose dive down the stairs opening night and didn’t survive that,” Laird said.

Daigle was presenting to City Council on behalf of the Cercys to ask for permission to extend the sidewalk in front of the Wonder Bar to allow outdoor seating. Council asked for more letters of support from neighbors before making a decision on that request.

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