Roosevelt High School students won’t be missing out on the prom this year.

Rumors that the Casper school is struggling to finance the annual event are false, according to a Thursday press release from Natrona County School District spokeswoman Tanya Southerland.

“Roosevelt High School is not coordinating a fundraising campaign for prom — the school has appropriate funds in place to financially support the upcoming activity,” the release states.

Students were told that ticket counts needed to increase in order to identify event participation, but the announcement was not financially motivated.

Although the Roosevelt can already afford the prom, school officials appreciate everyone who has reached out to offer support.

“What a wonderful reflection of the generosity of our community to come so quickly together to assist in helping students,” states the release. “Roosevelt High School is overcome with gratitude at our community’s kindness and generosity.”

Katie King covers the city of Casper.