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Long, long ago, I relied on bottles of antifreeze to keep warm in frigid War Memorial Stadium. Sadly, those days have passed.

So a week ago Saturday was an exercise in what to take and what works, and I thought perhaps the list would be of some value to someone not accustomed to Novembers in Wyoming.

The forecast called for a high of 39, gusts to 20 and the “possibility” for a few flurries when the Pokes entertained the San Jose State Spartans. That was off on all three counts — the temperature was lower, the wind was stronger and the “possibility” of bland little flurries turned into frequent and ever-strengthening bouts of “graupel,” defined as hard, shrapnel-like frozen snow pellets.

First, if you have a baby, you need baby Carhartts. There is nothing more adorable, especially if your mom is wearing matching ones and you are made to tailgate outdoors.

Next, pack that little stack of free souvenir “towels” that are more washcloth-sized from your linen closet. My variety included Troopers, Packers and Cowboys. They are miraculous in a variety of situations — first, drying off your seat before you sit the first time, tucking one in the back of your coat at your neck, and, yes, ashamedly, even as a handkerchief in times of desperation.

Prior to us leaving home at 8 a.m. I thought of how the friend is always colder outdoors than I. And I thought that any reasonable person would agree to stay home, get an early jump on Thanksgiving, clean the house and watch the game on AT&T Sports Net in the cozy confines of the nest.

As we hurtled toward Douglas, I shared the sentiment with the friend. And at the same moment, we said, “But when have (you) I ever been reasonable?”

Above all, don’t forget gloves in the pocket of your winter coat or you *might* be made to wear black furry gloves that belong to your girlfriend, because she always packs extra gloves.

I had two layers on the legs and three layers on the top and a blanket over all. I could have used another on the legs, and mourned the fleece-lined tights I left at home.

Last year, Santa brought a “real” Wyoming outdoors coat to replace the vastly inferior one I had worn for 14 years. But it was brown, so there was that.

This is a marvelous scientific wonder, extremely lightweight and lined with some tinfoil looking stuff. And it’s super cute as a bonus.

We were there from before kickoff until the last cannon fired at the end of the game. We were warm — sort of. We were happy — very.

And when the ol’ Sigma Nu from Gillette who now lives south of Denver and sits on my right said he, too, refused to go to the Colorado State game “because I hate that place and I’d get in a fight,” I knew that although it was frigid and windy and graupelly, I had once again found my happy place.

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Follow community news editor Sally Ann Shurmur on Twitter @WYOSAS


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Sally Ann Shurmur arrived at the Star-Tribune to cover sports two weeks after graduating from the University of Wyoming and now serves as community news editor. She was raised in Laramie and is a passionate fan of Cowboys football, food and family.

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