The Four Seasons had a hit record (yes, record), called “Dec ’63 (Oh What A Night).” The song is also a key scene in the biopic “Jersey Boys,” which is sensational.

All of my life, I’ve just referred to it by its parenthetical phrase.

Its eminently boppy beat is irresistible, and it is one of my all-time favorites, even though the truth is I was only 7 in late December of ’63.

I loved singing it off-key at the top of my lungs anywhere — in the car, in a bar, in the house when the radio is on.

The idea of the song is that occurrences on just a regular, random night turn into something magical.

So it was last week, when the friend made the fatal mistake announcing on Friday evening that he noticed an event was happening on Saturday evening that he suspected would interest me.

I quickly grabbed the phone in an attempt to make reservations. I did make a reservation, but was told that the room where the performance would occur was already full.

Saturday evening, after Mass, we journeyed to Casper to Racca’s. We spotted two comfortable seats at the bar and so gave up our table reservation so that someone else could get in.

We ordered far too much food and accompanying beverages, and engaged in pleasant conversation with folks next to us at the bar. It’s our favorite reason to sit at the actual bar and we do it frequently.

Soon, members of the band started arriving. This is no security-laden entourage with goons blocking access.

Rather, it was a couple of bus drivers in jeans and tennis shoes, and a couple of musicians in boots and cowboy hats.

They greeted friends and family at a couple of large tables, and talked to everyone who approached. Everyone.

Then Chancey from Moorcroft and Brooke from Casper arrived, and the groupie faction was in high gear.

The friend was sent with a private message for the dude from Moorcroft, which he dutifully delivered.

Then the acoustic music began, and it was perfect.

It was a really, really small setting, and it was really, really crowded.

Smaller and quieter than the typical raucous show, a threesome sat and played music for two hours straight. Chancey said they were grateful for the chance to play acoustically in front of people because they will do the same in Cabo June 10 to 13 at the Boots on the Beach event with Casey Donahew and others.

They played a lot of covers and a lot of their own songs, ending, of course, with “The World Needs More Cowboys,” which raised the roof on the place.

Near the end of the evening, we were invited to sit with the family of the band’s “merch man.” They were delightful and told us how their son is living the dream, on the bus, with the band.

The band asked to be invited back. They surely will. But we can say we were there the first time.

Oh, what a night indeed.

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Follow community news editor Sally Ann Shurmur on Twitter @WYOSAS


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