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Within the span of an hour, it struck me that I was eminently blessed to have these three wise women in my life.

Over the last decades, I have made real friends just because I write words that are then delivered to their homes.

And so it is with these three women, not kings of the Orient, but queens of Casper metropoli and rural both.

The first is in her 90s and is incredibly vital. She requested assistance with a parcel delivery, and the friend did not hesitate. It took a couple of calls to arrange, and she told me that her daughter who lives out of state had been annoyed that she asked for my help.

"I told her, 'this is not Utah, this is Wyoming, and we help each other here,'" she said. And she's right.

I asked if the morning would work for delivery, and she said, "yes, because I go play Bingo at noon."

So while the friend and driver waited in the driveway, we chatted about the weather, which was not yet abysmal, and the holidays and Evelyn, her current favorite subject. Every time I leave her home, I know that I have been blessed to have had that conversation.

Then off we went to -- wait for it -- a craft fair, where the friend as usual found guys he knew to talk with and stuff he thought we should buy. He actually purchased a small gift for Evelyn there, and as with most gifts, it will come with an explanatory story.

The second wise woman is a Cheesehead transplanted to the prairie east of town by her cowboy husband. She is also the mother of five -- FIVE -- from elementary age to infant. She is a long distance runner and looks like she is maybe 16.

In her "spare" time, she has started a wildly popular blog, along with merchandising, video making, remixing hit songs and whatever else she and her pals come up with.

So she was at the craft fair selling T-shirts and hugging.

And then there is wise woman three, who played volleyball at U-Dub, married her high school sweetheart, is the mom of three, also has a blog, just started a new job, and as of last week, is a published author.

Wise Women 2 and 3 feel like my surrogate daughters because a) they are young enough and b) I absolutely celebrate each new creative way they come up with to use words, gain followers and oh, hey, maybe make a little cha-ching in the process.

Words are wonderful things. Once upon a time, perhaps I would have blogged. Once upon a time, perhaps I would have written a book.

Instead, I just write on this small screen, am in bed by 9 and loathe the darkness.

As the social media posts this season remind us, this most likely was the actual scenario in Bethlehem:

"After the Three Wise Men left, the Three Wiser Women arrived with fresh diapers, casseroles for the week and lots of formula."

Footnote: As I wrap this up, I learn that the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees, conservative to a fault in one alum's opinion, has given us all a Christmas miracle by hiring a WOMAN -- the first -- to be the next president of our beloved institution.

It indeed is a happy, if windy and frigid, day.

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