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Sally Ann Shurmur arrived at the Star-Tribune to cover sports two weeks after graduating from the University of Wyoming and now serves as community news editor. She was raised in Laramie and is a passionate fan of Cowboys football, food and family.

If someone were to write a mashup of “Survivor,” “48 Hours” and “All in the Family,” that would have closely resembled my life last weekend.

The daughter and son-in-law wanted to meet his parents at elk camp for the weekend, so the grands came to Nana’s for a sleepover for just the second time in six months.

You can manage anything, I reasoned, if it’s only once every six months.

The day of the pickup did not go perfectly, as the new to me wonder car was banged into by a little girl going way — way — too fast around a corner. No one was hurt, but there are dings and scratches, and they will be fixed.

So after that adventure had concluded, it was on to pick up the tiny humans.

They are so adorable that any extra time I get with them is precious. E has started preschool, just two mornings a week, but that has resulted in a completely new, school girl-esque wardrobe from her mom the shopper.

And A at 18 months is fitting into clothes that E wore just a couple of months ago.

While the daughter correctly attached the two hulking car seats in my ride, E and I put on her stylish fleece-lined boots and socks about 46 times. And A sat on her parents’ new couch and consumed nearly a box of tiny cinnamon graham cracker snacks.

Next came the suitcase, which contained three pairs of pajamas each and three changes of clothes each for a two-night stay.

And the “bathroom” backpack with the “Docs” (Doc McStuffins is the current obsession) pull-ups and character undies and diapers — enough to last weeks.

We also took the newfangled little potty seat that fits atop the toilet seat and is essential to potty training.

I made certain that the detangle spray and comb were included, because after bath it’s an absolute necessity. A friend’s daughter recently told me that the stuff I used by the gallon in my daughter’s hair 20 years ago would now be outlawed by OSHA and the FDA and anyone else.

“It was pure kerosene,” she said.

This new stuff seems to do the trick and is safe, my daughter says.

So it was on to the homestead, and the fun began.

They ate much better than they did in April — grilled cheese and tomato “sup” for dinner, cereal and Pop Tarts for breakfast, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, and mac and cheese and fruit cocktail for dinner.

E decided that she loves Hawaiian meatballs, which I fixed for the friend and me prior to the Hawaii football game, even more than mac and cheese.

Once the friend got back from his activity bus trip, we all managed a quick walk around the neighborhood with the double, side-by-side stroller as wide as a jet and the dog. The girls love being outside and the brisk, fresh air did us all good.

Later that evening, we learned the parents came home to beat an impending predicted snowfall where they were. They drove in the dark and then ran to collect their babies, the oldest of whom had fallen asleep sitting up with her buddy in the crook of his arm on the love seat.

He can be gruff and loud and isn’t used to being around 3- and 1-year-olds much, but that is a picture and a memory that I’ll keep with me forever.

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