The latest: Protests in Wyoming
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The latest: Protests in Wyoming

Casper protest

Protesters hold signs Wednesday in Casper at a protest against police brutality.

A march is scheduled for noon Wednesday in Casper in protest of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We will update this story throughout the day with the latest information on protests both in Casper and throughout Wyoming.

Latest updates:

Another protest held in Laramie

6:36 p.m.

Minor activity downtown

5:30 p.m.

Woman injured after truck jumps curb

4 p.m.

Initial protest organizers issue statement on second march

3:47 p.m.

Police swarm as protesters stop in major intersection

3:30 p.m.

March reaches Walmart

3:15 p.m.

Casper Youth for Change, the group that organized this morning's march and protest, said it is not affiliated with the current protest.

Tensions rise on East Second Street

2:48 p.m.

Traffic was temporarily blocked as demonstrators walked in East Second Street at about 2:30 p.m. Police cars trailed the protesters with their lights on. Less than 10 minutes later, the protesters had reached the east side Albertsons store, taking up all of the eastbound lanes and part of the westbound lanes.

In that area, confrontations between protesters and observers began to break out. Protesters blocked off a red pickup truck that was aggressively trailing the protest and appeared to exchanged words before it rolled away, turning into the Albertsons parking lot. A few white men with AR-15s, some in tactical vests, stepped in between the protesters and the truck. They did not appear to be police officers. Other protesters were trying to calm the situation.

Within a few minutes, the tensions seemed to dissipate. One man with a long gun asked a protester if he was OK, and people passed around water.

Live video of second march

2:30 p.m.

Second march begins

1:34 p.m.

Signs to be displayed at Art 321

1:18 p.m.

Signs from the protest will be displayed at local nonprofit Art 321.

Casper Youth for Change, the group that organized the protest, also said on Facebook that it believes the protest went successfully:

Organizer asks protesters to start dispersing

12:50 p.m.

With a storm oncoming, a Casper Youth for Change organizer asked that the protest begin to disperse and that protesters shop downtown afterward to show support for local businesses. The Casper Police Department earlier this week recommended that downtown businesses close during the protest.

Speakers appeared to stop addressing the crowd a few minutes after the organizer's request.

Some protesters returned to David Street Station, where the protest started.

More scenes from the protest

12:38 p.m.

Hundreds gather in front of Hall of Justice

12:17 p.m.

The protesters have arrived at the Hall of Justice, where demonstrators are making speeches on the steps of the building. There appear to be a couple hundred people in attendance. 

“I’m here because I’m mad," Meeshla Bovee, a 15-year-old protester, told the crowd. "Not only am I mad, I’m angry. Not only am I angry, I’m pissed."

"I shouldn’t have to stand next to my white neighbor and know if I walk into that store, they’re gonna follow me... I’m tired of reading another black man killed,” she continued.

March begins in silence

12:05 p.m.

Marchers have decided to make their protest a silent one. They've begun their walk from David Street Station toward the Hall of Justice, where the Casper Police Department and Natrona County Sheriff's Office are located.. Hundreds of people appear to have turned out for the event.

The march has so far been entirely peaceful. Some spectators are carrying guns, but they don't appear to be part of the demonstration.

Protesters begin to gather at David Street Station

11:43 a.m. 

As the noon start time for the march approaches, demonstrators are beginning to gather at David Street Station. As was the case on Tuesday, many appeared to be student aged. However, some older protesters were on site as well. 

Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters addressed protesters from the plaza's stage ahead of the march and explained some of the precautions that the city has taken ahead of the vent.

Several people open carrying in downtown Casper

11:22 a.m. 

Reporters have observed several people open carrying pistols and AR-15 rifles in downtown Casper. A handful of armed spectators told a reporter they were there to protect the First Amendment rights of protesters and had bottles of water to hand out. 

Another reporter spotted a woman in a downtown business with a shotgun on the floor, visible through the window. On Tuesday, Casper Mayor Steve Freel said some downtown business owners had asked if they would be allowed to stand outside their storefronts with firearms during the march. 

Group asks protesters to march in silence

10:15 a.m.

Casper Youth for Change, the group organizing Wednesday's protest, is asking demonstrators to march in silence. According to a Facebook post from the group, its spokesperson has been in contact with Floyd's uncle, who made the request.

Businesses, other services close in anticipation

9:49 a.m.

A number of businesses will be closed Wednesday in anticipation of the protest, which is being organized by a local youth activist group. Monday, the Casper Police Department recommended that downtown businesses close during the time of the protest.

Other protests in state

Earlier this week

In Riverton, a Black Lives Matter protest was held Monday, seen here in footage from Wyoming Public Radio:

The Riverton Police Department said that the protest — estimated to be around 100 people — was peaceful and "went extremely well."

In Laramie, a protest was held downtown Tuesday and another is anticipated Wednesday evening:

The Laramie Boomerang estimated the crowd to be "well over 100 people."

A protest was also held in Gillette:

The crowd numbered "about 50 people," according to the Gillette News Record.

A protest was also held Tuesday in Rock Springs.

Peaceful protests were also held over the weekend in Cheyenne and Jackson.

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