A Casper man previously convicted of sexual assault faces new charges alleging he threatened women at gunpoint before assaulting them and forced a woman to abuse a child on camera.

Among the alleged victims is the woman whom the man was convicted of sexually abusing a decade ago.

Samuel J. Barrett, 38, faces 17 charges in the case, the large majority of which are counts of first- and second-degree sexual assault. He also faces two counts of sexual exploitation of children and a single count of blackmail. Court documents did not indicate that police had recovered the gun alleged to have been used. The documents indicated it may have been a BB gun.

In 2009, Barrett was convicted of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor, according to online records maintained by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. According to a 2009 report in the Star-Tribune, Barrett pleaded guilty to the crime as part of a deal with prosecutors.

A judge sentenced him to five years of probation in August of that year in lieu of a four- to six-year prison sentence.

On Monday, Barrett appeared wearing jail inmate garb in Natrona County Circuit Court, where he made his initial appearance for the latest arrest. Although judges typically set bail and read the charges a person faces at such appearances, Judge Brian Christensen did not do so. He instead asked Barrett’s attorney, Don Tolin, if he would waive reading of the charges. Tolin agreed to do so.

The judge set Barrett’s bond at $100,000 and allowed him to hire a bail bond agent. Court records indicate a local woman posted the bond in cash shortly after the hearing.

Tolin told the judge that either he or attorney Don Fuller would likely represent Barrett going forward. Fuller said Tuesday that he had not yet been retained in the case. Tolin did not respond to a phone call Tuesday seeking comment.

Multiple allegations

Court documents filed in connection with the charges state two women reported Barrett held them at gunpoint in separate instances and ordered they perform oral sex on him. A third woman told authorities that Barrett tried to make her perform oral sex on a child while he filmed her and held her at gunpoint. She did not abuse the child, she said, and he turned off the video camera and forcibly raped her, the documents state.

The documents state that a Casper police detective began investigating the case in April, when a woman reported that Barrett assaulted her at gunpoint, according to the documents. The woman, whom Barrett a decade ago pleaded guilty to assaulting, said she ran into Barrett in town and he told her he felt bad about assaulting her and wanted to help buy her a vehicle in compensation, the documents state.

The woman agreed, according to the documents. Barrett said he needed to get his checkbook from inside his home and — after some reticence — the woman agreed to follow him into his garage while her child waited in her car, the documents state she told a detective. She followed him up a set of stairs, where he pointed a handgun at her, the documents state.

Barrett told the woman that she had ruined his life and he would ruin hers, the documents state she told the detective. He then demanded she perform oral sex on him, according to the documents. She did so, afraid he would hurt her, the document state.

When Barrett became distracted by a runaway dog and a phone call, the woman was able to leave, according to the documents. She called 911 from just down the street.

Police arrived at the house and took Barrett into custody. His wife told police Barrett had told her the alleged victim had sex with him and she called 911 when Barrett did not give her money, the documents state. She said the couple owned an authentic-looking BB pistol, the documents state.

A search of the house did not turn up the pistol, but investigators did find BB pellets.

2015 investigation

A Natrona County Sheriff’s Office investigator met with the police detective and said in 2015 Barrett held a woman at gunpoint and made her perform oral sex on an infant, the documents state. The woman said she put her face to the child’s stomach but did not touch the child’s genitals, according to the documents. In an interview with the investigator shortly after the alleged incident was reported, Barrett said he found the woman abusing the child and turned on his cellphone camera in order to protect himself from accusations of involvement in abuse.

He said that he did not rape the woman but instead accepted her offer of sexual favors to not report the abuse, according to the documents. A search of Barrett’s home in 2015 did not turn up the firearm, according to the documents.

The woman made the same accusations in an interview with the Casper police detective this year.

After the police detective searched Barrett’s computer and cellphone, he found video of Barrett talking to a woman about paying for sex, the documents state. In an interview with the detective, the woman said that about a decade ago she declined Barrett’s offers to pay her for sex. He again tried to have sex with her and, after she declined, he pointed a gun at her and told her to undress, the documents state she told the detective. He demanded she perform oral sex on her and she did so, according to the documents.

He told her he would kill her if she told anyone about the assault, the documents state. She said earlier this year he choked her until she was unconscious, according to the documents. He threatened her again and raped her, the documents state.

A fourth woman, who appeared in video taken from Barrett’s cellphone, told the detective that she went to Barrett’s house in 2019. She said she went to the house because Barrett had offered to help pay for her sick son’s medical treatment, according to the documents.

After she arrived, she saw a handgun on a counter, the documents state. Barrett wrote on a legal pad that he was recording video footage of the conversation and implied he would kidnap or kill her if she did not verbally agree to have sex with him, the documents state she told the detective. She agreed, afraid he would kill her, the documents state.

Barrett on Friday declined to talk to police without a lawyer present. He was booked into jail the same day, according to the documents.

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