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Prosecutors charged a 19-year-old Casper man Monday with raping and attempting to murder a girl last week.

Police arrested Brandtly Bedsaul on Wednesday after law enforcement received a report that he was raping a girl in the front yard of the Casper home where he lived, according to court documents. When authorities arrived, they found the unresponsive victim covered in blood and naked from the waist down.

The victim’s mother was cradling her child and asking that someone “please help my baby girl,” according to the documents. The victim’s father was pinning Bedsaul to the ground a few feet away.

A Casper firefighter carried the girl to a waiting ambulance. The girl woke while she was carried and started to scream, the documents state.

An emergency room doctor at Wyoming Medical Center said the victim had injuries indicating a sexual assault as well as bruising around the neck that suggested she had been strangled, the documents state. She also had bruises on her face and nose and scrapes on her stomach, chest and arms.

Doctors at the hospital determined that her medical condition was not stable and inserted a breathing tube down her throat. The swelling around her neck was so severe that the doctor struggled to place the tube, the documents state.

She was then flown by helicopter to Denver Children’s Hospital, where she received a full sexual assault exam and further treatment.

The girl had been attending an event at the house where Bedsaul lived with his mother and others, witnesses told police. One of the residents called the children to eat pizza and noticed the victim was missing from the group. When he went outside to look for her, he saw Bedsaul choking the naked girl near some bushes in the front lawn, according to the documents.

The resident ran to the bushes, punched Bedsaul in the face and kicked him. As Bedsaul tried to run, the victim’s father tackled him and held him down while others called 911, the documents state.

Bedsaul continuously repeated his birth date and asked for his mom while officers arrested him. Bedsaul continued to yell for his mother during the ride to the police station and spat multiple times in the back of the police car, according to the documents.

Bedsaul spoke briefly with police at the station before asking for a lawyer, the documents state.

Prosecutors charged Bedsaul with attempted homicide and first-degree sexual abuse of a minor. If convicted, Bedsaul faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

During his initial appearance Monday in Natrona County Circuit Court, Bedsaul said he had lived in Casper for most of his life and needed a public defender. He began to cry as Circuit Court Judge Brian Christensen read the charges.

Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Hambrick said the charges could change if the victim dies.

“It’s my understanding she’s not out of the woods yet,” she said, referencing the victim.

Bedsaul was held in the Natrona County Detention Center in lieu of $1 million bond Monday afternoon. He was arrested in May for allegedly breaking into cars at Washington Park and was also on probation for previous drug offenses.

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