A Casper man was sentenced Tuesday to probation for knocking an elderly woman to the ground and breaking her arm.

Marquise Benson, 27, was sentenced to three years of supervised probation in lieu of a four- to eight-year prison sentence. Among the terms of his probation is a requirement that he completes a rehabilitative program at Casper Re-Entry Center.

If he violates any of the probationary terms, Benson will be sent to prison.

The sentence was handed down in Natrona County District Court. It was in line with a plea agreement that Benson had previously struck with prosecutors. 

Benson was arrested in May in relation to the incident. He had been confined to Natrona County Detention Center since the arrest.

After the sentencing, Judge Thomas Sullins called for Benson's bond to be discharged and Benson set free from his shackles. 

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