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Casper Police

A Casper police officer pulls out of the department’s garage at the Hall of Justice in downtown Casper. The Casper Police Department now has an online form for the public to submit complaints.

The Casper Police Department has added another way for the public to submit complaints about officers.

Residents could already complain in person or by calling, emailing or writing a letter to the department’s Office of Professional Standards. The new avenue is an attempt by the department to make itself more accessible in a “more and more digital age,” Detective John Hatcher said Wednesday.

“Only a couple” people in the department have access to the complaints, Hatcher said. When the department receives a complaint, Lt. Shane Chaney reviews it and heads up the investigation.

Hatcher said he was not fully aware of the complaint process, because it is highly secretive. He said only a portion of police command staff is privy to complaints.

The department launched a new website in April, independent of the main city portal. Hatcher said he expects more services will become available on the website.

The police department is aiming to launch a new online bicycle database in the spring, Hatcher said. The system would allow citizens to upload descriptions of their bicycles along with photographs. If a bicycle is stolen and recovered, the database would make it easier to return the bike to its owner.

Police auction off hundreds of recovered bikes every year because they cannot locate the bikes’ rightful owners. Hatcher said he hopes the bike database will help get those bikes back into the hands of their owners instead.

Hatcher said the expansion of the website is part of a department effort to “listen to the community and how we can best serve them.”

The new complaint form can be found at

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