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Scales of justice

A judge determined Tuesday that prosecutors have enough evidence for two Coloradans to face charges alleging they brought nearly a pound of methamphetamine to Natrona County.

Cecil E. Crow and Rebecca McIntosh-Crow, both of Grand Junction, Colorado, face charges of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance, both felonies. The charges are punishable by 20 and seven years imprisonment, respectively.

McIntosh-Crow’s attorney said investigators had committed a “blatant constitutional violation” by pulling the two over for speeding instead of seeking a warrant. A K-9 alerted for possible drugs, allowing officers to search the GMC truck. McIntosh-Crow will fight the charges on constitutional grounds in Natrona County District Court, her attorney indicated.

The stop came as part of an investigation into a methamphetamine trafficking ring, an investigator with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation said. He said he did not seek a warrant so as not to jeopardize the investigation and instead waited for the two to slip up.

Crow’s attorney said there was no evidence her client knew the 445 grams of methamphetamine were in the pickup when officers stopped the Coloradans in Natrona County headed for Casper.

The investigator, who declined to give his name to a reporter after the hearing, testified text messages indicated the two planned to “pick up” and “collect.” The investigator said the text messages indicated the two were picking up methamphetamine, although that was not specified in the messages.

The investigator also testified that law enforcement found a small bag of meth and a pipe behind the driver’s seat. A handgun with a bullet in the chamber was also found in the vehicle.

The investigator testified that Crow, when asked about the purpose of the trip, said the two were returning from Las Vegas where they had gotten married. That was not true, the investigator said. They were coming from San Bernardino, California, instead.

Crow appeared in court in an orange jail uniform. McIntosh-Crow was free on bond.

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