A female was sexually assaulted in a University of Wyoming stadium parking lot on Friday night, according to an email sent to students and staff on Sunday.

The victim — whose age and relation, if any, to the university is unclear — was walking across the East Stadium parking lot adjacent to War Memorial Stadium on Friday night when she was tackled by a suspect she did not know, the email states. The suspect sexually assaulted her.

There are few other details about the attack. Chad Baldwin, the spokesman for the university, said the victim, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has not filed a formal report with law enforcement, though evidence has been collected should she decide to.

The email did not include information about where the victim was going at the time she was attacked.

Baldwin could not provide a description of the suspect.

University police became aware of the attack at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning. Baldwin said they are investigating and have attempted to get in contact with the victim, though he did not know whether they’ve had any success.

“The information we got did not come from the victim,” Baldwin said. “It was not direct information from the victim. I think the police would love to have that information.”

Baldwin could not say whether the victim was a university student.

He said that university police are the lead investigators on incidents that happen on campus and that they may ask other agencies — like the Laramie Police Department — for assistance, though he could not provide details about this specific investigation.

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