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A Natrona County man pleaded guilty Friday to driving the getaway car in a summer 2015 home invasion robbery.

Gabriel K. Ingles entered his plea in Natrona County District Court to a single count of burglary. Although he had originally been charged with five felonies, Ingles pleaded guilty to a lesser count in exchange for his cooperation. Prosecutors will also argue that he not serve prison time.

Three victims were tied up and threatened with guns during the home invasion, according to court documents. Ingles and three alleged co-conspirators made off with cell phones, sneakers, a Playstation 4 and marijuana pipes. The documents indicate that the men planned the burglary because they thought the occupants of the home sold marijuana.

A co-defendant, Konnor Rollison, is expected to serve six to 12 years in prison. At an earlier court hearing, Rollison told a judge he and his co-defendants had made away with marijuana.

A victim told police that he and his two friends had been sleeping when two men burst into his bedroom wielding guns and a hatchet. The man’s friends, both under 18 and thus unidentified in the court documents, were sleeping in the living room at the time, according to the documents. The man told police that intruders had threatened to kill him and his family if he went to police.

Although the robbery took place in July 2015, police were not alerted until January 2016, when an informant told police a group had robbed another man at gunpoint, according to court documents.

One of the victims told police he also did not report the burglary because one intruder told him he would kill the victim’s family if police were contacted, according to the documents.

Ingles told a Casper police detective that he had driven three other men carrying duffel bags and a sawed-off shotgun away from the trailer home in question one night, according to court documents.

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