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Natrona County prosecutors have charged a 17-year-old Casper girl with two counts of vehicular homicide in connection with a September car crash in front of Wyoming Medical Center.

Casper police arrested Jessica Carnline on Tuesday in the deaths of Brandon Avery and Amanda Strickland, both 27, who were passengers in her car.

Carnline, who is being charged as an adult, appeared Wednesday in Natrona County Circuit Court for her initial court hearing. She was accompanied by her attorney, Hampton Young Jr.

Circuit Court Judge Steven Brown had a difficult time understanding Carnline, who is still undergoing medical treatment for a broken jaw. The judge set Carnline’s bond at $30,000.

Carnline was on probation at the time of the car crash, said Assistant District Attorney Dan Itzen during the girl’s hearing. He did not say for what charge the girl was on probation.

She faces up to 40 years in prison if she is convicted on both counts.

Carnline's green Chevrolet Cavalier crashed into the northeast section of the hospital shortly before 7 p.m. on Sept. 21. According to a police report, Avery died immediately. Strickland was removed from the car by paramedics and treated at Wyoming Medical Center, where she died shortly after the crash.

No hospital staff members were injured.

The police report alleges Carnline had chemicals in her blood consistent with canned air duster at the time of the crash. There is no indication Carnline braked prior to crashing into the hospital, which is consistent with rapid loss of consciousness commonly experienced by people who have inhaled canned air, the report states.

Surveillance video estimates the car was traveling 76 mph when it crashed into the hospital.

Carnline was released from Wyoming Medical Center on Oct. 24 after recovering from injuries she sustained in the crash, police said. They were not aware of the girl’s release until Tuesday, when officers arrested a 30-year-old Casper man, Elisha Stinson, for possession of methamphetamine. Carnline was in Stinson’s car at the time of his arrest.

Police requested an interview with Carnline later Tuesday, at which time she admitted to inhaling canned air before the collision and said doing so made her pass out while driving her car.

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