A Natrona County High School educator accused of hitting a 14-year-old autistic student is no longer employed with the district.

It’s unclear whether Mark Brattis, an assistant teacher at NCHS, left voluntarily or was fired. A personnel report shows only that he no longer worked for the Natrona County School District as of Nov. 13, two weeks after the alleged incident.

“The person is no longer employed with the Natrona County School District,” spokeswoman Tanya Southerland wrote in a statement to the Star-Tribune. “As this is a personnel matter, I cannot provide further details.”

She did not respond to follow-up questions about whether the district is still investigating or if the incident has prompted any changes.

Marisol Villescas told the Star-Tribune in late October that her 14-year-old brother, Gabriel, had gotten out of the NC building on Oct. 30 and had fallen off of some construction equipment when staff found him. They tried to help him up, at which point the student began throwing rocks at them, Villescas said.

After Gabriel was taken back inside, he apparently hit Brattis, who then open-hand smacked the teen in the face, the sister said.

Other teachers saw what happened, Villescas said, and they — with Brattis — went to tell high school administrators what happened.

Brattis was suspended after the incident. He did not respond to an email seeking comment at the time and the Star-Tribune could not reach him for comment Monday.

Villescas did not respond to a request for comment Monday. She told the Star-Tribune in October that her family planned to file a police report once the district had completed its investigation.

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