Casper College

Students make their way into the Casper College student union Jan. 22. Suzanne Sandoval, the chairwoman of the board of trustees, will step down next month.

College is a time to learn how to stand on your own two feet. It really is a time to learn who you are and who you wish to be. Why is this? When living on your own, it can be scary to not be under the protection of your parents anymore, but it can also be exhilarating to be able to make all of your own choices. It can take time to learn how to handle the transition of leaving home, but it can be manageable.

Make time for friends and family at home

Though you may want to spend tons of time with your new college friends, which are essential to finding your place at your new school, it is also important to keep in touch with your family and high school friends. While you’re trying to become a new person all on your own, it’s nice to remember who you were in the past as well.

Homesickness can definitely hit hard while away during the first few months at your new school. However, it is something some people feel but some don’t, and that’s fine too. Either way, keeping in touch with your loved ones can help combat the feelings and give you a sense of comfort. Also, it’s good to hear about what people from the past are up to as well, helping you to manage your relationships.

It can be hard if a lot of your old friends go to the same school while you attend another but know that friendships are two-way streets and if you make time for them, they most likely will for you as well.

Don’t be afraid to branch out

While it is good and healthy to keep in contact with people from home, building a new network and community of people at your new school is also important. These are people that you will be around for the next few years.

In the first few days of the new semester, especially freshman year, reach out to as many people as you can. Everyone is in the same boat and are most likely looking to build new connections as well in their new surroundings. You should also join activities and take classes that you’ve always been curious about but never have dived into. You can meet all kinds of different people, ones that you might not have met in other situations.

Look to the future and glance back to the past

College is a time to try new things. It is a time to loosen your grasp on the past and dive into the future. Let yourself grow through your years on campus. You may not recognize who you eventually become, but that can be a good thing. It is hard to move away from home, but it can be thrilling once you are in the world making your own choices. Look to the future but keep in touch with who you used to be.


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