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The husband of U.S. Senate candidate Liz Cheney got caught in a blunder for having been simultaneously registered to vote in Wyoming and Virginia, according to the Teton County Clerk's Office.

Cheney’s husband, Phil Perry, registered to vote in the Cowboy State nine months ago. He signed an oath saying he was not registered in any other state.

Perry went to the Teton County Clerk’s Office on Tuesday and told officials he was registered in both Virginia and Wyoming, according to county Clerk Sherry Daigle. He asked to have the clerk’s office make sure his Virginia registration is withdrawn. Virginia officials have been informed of the matter.

Perry could face felony charges for registering in Wyoming without revoking his Virginia voter registration, but officials in Teton County doubt he intentionally committed voter fraud.

Daigle wasn't shocked to hear of the double-registration mishap.

“It happens all the time,” she said.

Teton County Attorney Stephen Weichman said it was unlikely that action will be taken against Perry.

"I seriously doubt there is — buried anywhere in the deepest corner of this story — a criminal offense cognizable within Wyoming law," he said.

Perry works for the Virginia-based law firm Latham and Watkins and continues to practice on the East Coast while Cheney battles Sen. Mike Enzi in the 2014 Republican primary.

There is a section for previous voter information on voter registration cards. If voters fill out that section, the county clerk will ensure information from the previous state is withdrawn.

Perry didn’t complete that section when he registered to vote in Wyoming, Daigle said.

"Phil believed he was no longer registered in Virginia and did not vote there," said Brittany Wells, Cheney for Wyoming spokeswoman. "When he realized he was still on the Virginia rolls, he immediately corrected that."

Perry could face up to five years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine if the county attorney chooses to prosecute him.

This is not the first registration mishap for the Cheney family since they moved to Wyoming from Virginia in May 2012.

Liz Cheney received a state resident fishing license 72 days after moving to Wyoming. On the application she was listed as a 10-year Wyoming resident.

She paid a $220 fine for the infraction.

“The clerk must have made a mistake,” she told the Star-Tribune in August. “I never claimed to be a 10-year resident.”


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