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Have you seen her?

Renee Diane Yeargain, 24, who has been missing since Aug. 10, 2004, is described as:

* 5-foot-8 and 135 pounds

* A redhead, but she was known to change her hair color often and also was known to wear wigs.

* Blue-eyed, but she was known to wear colored contacts.

* Tattooed, with body art on both arms, her chest, one wrist, her fingers, her lower abdomen and her calves.

Anyone who has information about Yeargain or her possible whereabouts is asked to call Lt. Jeff Lamm at the Torrington Police Department, 307-532-7006.

TORRINGTON - What authorities thought to be a child abandonment case now has police and family members wondering what really happened to a Torrington woman.

Renee Diane Yeargain, 24, has been missing since Aug. 10, 2004.

The account the Torrington Police Department received at the time from her boyfriend of three years, Josh Minter, was that she had left and abandoned her four children on Aug. 9. He reportedly took three of the kids to former foster parents, then called the Department of Family Services the day following her departure. Minter kept the infant, as the baby is his and Yeargain's son together.

According to Torrington Police Detective Lt. Jeff Lamm, on Aug. 12, Yeargain's white 1987 Subaru station wagon was found at the Meriden rest stop between Cheyenne and Torrington. In the car, officers found keys, a cell phone and a purse which contained her wallet, checkbook and a few other items, but no money. Her tattoo kit and clothes were not in the car.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol told the Torrington Police Department the car had been parked there since Aug. 10.

"Her mother came in on Aug. 13 and spoke to the chief (Billy Janes), and that's when we opened the case," Lamm said. "We since then have tracked down numerous leads, which have led nowhere."

Diane Van Horn, Yeargain's mother, said there is no way her daughter would have left and not contacted her in the last eight months, especially over Christmas, and Easter Sunday, which was Yeargain's daughter's birthday.

Her mother said Renee had some problems in the past with drugs, but she had cleaned up her life in the past few years and had gotten a tattoo license to open her own business in their home.

"She called me the week before she came up missing and said (she) and Josh were going to be married Aug. 22, and it seemed like everything was OK," Van Horn said.

Yeargain worked at a business in Torrington and also at a tattoo parlor in Scottsbluff, Neb.

"She loved working with the elderly," her mother added. "She was going to continue working there and also begin her home business. She had all these plans. I believe something has happened here, and I have questions that I want answered."

Lamm said Yeargain has a history of taking off, but she always returned and kept in contact with her family. She does have a history of mental illness and has been diagnosed as bipolar.

Lamm has faxed her picture and information to the Rocky Mountain Information Bulletin, which covers Idaho, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming and Arizona, and also to the National Crime Information Center.

"I think she left town on her own," Lamm said when asked if he suspected foul play. "But I'm not sure what happened when she got to the rest area."

Lamm said it was reported that Minter had said he was home with all the children when Yeargain left on Aug. 9, and the oldest child told officers that the two adults had a bit of an argument about Yeargain wanting to bring a rat and a snake into the home. Minter told police that Yeargain had said something about hooking up with some bikers to make some extra money tattooing.

"Renee left about midnight that evening," Minter said when contacted about the disappearance. "She left in her Subaru."

Asked who was home the night of her disappearance, Minter said the older children were at a friend's house for the night. The baby was at his mother's home.

Minter said the last he saw Yeargain, she was wearing blue jeans and a black tank top with a red heart on it and a bug in the corner. He said when she left, she had a grocery sack with some clothes in it.

"She didn't say where she was going," Minter said.

He said he had asked around the next day to people he knew were acquainted with Yeargain, but no one had seen her.

Yeargain's mother said Minter had told her that Yeargain left on foot the night of Aug. 9, and that she returned the next day to get her car.

Yeargain's sister, Christina Rodriguez of Casper, said she feels that something has happened to her sister and that not enough is being done to find out what happened.

"At first there was a part of me that thought maybe she just decided to leave, but she has never done anything like this," Rodriguez said. "She has never not contacted our mom."

"For whatever happened, I don't think she just left," Rodriguez added.

Minter told Van Horn he had gotten rid of all of her daughter's belongings by Aug. 13, when she came to Torrington to see what was going on.

"Why did he do that?" Van Horn said. "Things just don't add up, and I'm very scared something horrible has happened. I have a bad feeling about all of this."

Minter said Yeargain was having a bad time and had gone back to drinking and drugs, and that she was having problems at work and with the kids. He also said Yeargain wanted to have a large formal wedding and that he had told her they couldn't afford it right now. He said they could just go to Las Vegas and get it done cheaper, then later when they were caught up, they would have a big wedding.

"That really bugged her," he said. "I guess she just wanted the big wedding. She's a tough girl. I'm sure she's OK. She just doesn't want to deal with anything right now."


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