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Arha: Liz Cheney and the Wyoming spirit
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Arha: Liz Cheney and the Wyoming spirit

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Kaush Arha

Kaush Arha founded the Wyoming Private Lands Public Wildlife Program. He subsequently served as the Associate Solicitor General and Deputy Asst. Secy at Dept of Interior and later as a Senior Foreign Service Officer in Afghanistan. He recently served as a Senior Executive at United States International Agency of Development in Trump Administration.

I am proud of the principled stand of Congresswoman Cheney holding President Trump accountable for his betrayal of his oath to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. She held true to her oath.

I respectfully submit this with illimitable reverence for the United States and an abiding deep love for Wyoming and its residents. I have had the honor to serve with the best professionals at the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, U.S. Department of Interior and Agriculture, United States Agency for International Development, The State Department, Department of Defense, National Security Council among others. The most sacrosanct oath we all take is to defend, protect and preserve our Constitution. Higher the office greater the responsibility and accountability. Our democracy and way of life is dependent on the peaceful transition of power as called for in our Constitution. The President, as our leader is responsible to ensure it. President Trump’s actions after the Nov. 2020 elections leading up to and on the day of Jan. 6, 2021 betrayed his duty and his oath to the Constitution and weakened America at home and overseas.

My fondest memories working for the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission was the opportunity to engage with landowners and hunters across the state. To shoot the breeze in coffee shops and ranch houses from Pine Bluff to Pinedale, Evanston to Newcastle and Basin to Baggs. I reveled in the irreverence and independence of the Wyoming Spirit. To never shy away from calling a spade a spade. Never bending knee to any one person or ideology. To stand tall and speak plainly. Scant patience for loud out-of-staters to meddle in our affairs or criticize one of our own.

Since serving the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission and later at the Department of Interior my career has veered towards national security matters. I had the honor to modestly contribute to our efforts in Iraq and later serve in Afghanistan. For the last few years, I have served to advance US interests and values in the face of a fast-rising totalitarian China. The latter will remain my cause for the remaining years of my life. We are in midst of an ideological war between Free Societies and Free Markets versus State Totalitarianism and State Capitalism. The United States remains the indispensable leader of the Free World to engage and prevail in this ideological war. American ideal and idea remains the north star for all lovers of liberty. Events of Jan. 6, 2021 is a dark blemish on that ideal. Made darker by the action and inaction of the leader of the Free World.

Through my career I have experienced first-hand the perceived and real apathy and indifference of bureaucrats and elites in state, federal and international agencies to the concerns that animate the day-to-day life of Wyoming residents. I understand and empathize with my fellow Americans at their frustration with our governing leaders and institutions and the resulting strong anti-establishment sentiments. As Jefferson put it the present tumult of anti-establishment is the natural fodder replenishing our tree of liberty. It replenishes and reenergizes the resilience of our democracy. However, progress is not ensured on the wheels of inevitability. It is to be fought for by conviction, facts and principles.

Reverence for the rule of law binds and sustains our republic. Whenever the law and the oath to our Constitution is betrayed it needs to be called out. The well-being of our republic is predicated on it. President Trump’s action since the November election and particularly on Jan. 6 violated his oath to the Constitution and ensure a peaceful transition of power. Liz Cheney, a strong reliable supporter of President Trump’s conservative policies during his term, stood firm by her oath of office and her conscience. Our republic, our state, our Republican party is the better for it—the stronger for it.

Wyoming — the equality state, the cowboy state — is most directly associated with American individualism and ruggedness. From the mountain man to the cattleman to the back country game warden the State heroes are resolute individuals with a firm grasp of right and wrong. Congresswoman Cheney is that solitary strong stubborn Wyoming cowpoke holding her station in face of icy wintery winds. When the warm Chinook winds blow again — as they will — and the party of Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan reasserts itself, Liz Cheney will lead the way in the U.S. House of Congress.

I revere the opportunity to serve my nation and uphold our constitution as the most solemn honor and privilege. At every opportunity to do so I have given it my all and look forward to the next call to service. I am proud to note that when chips were down, Liz Cheney refused to take the easy way out but stood firm for her principles. Her actions put her country and state above all. Her worthy action ensures that the Wyoming Spirit is strong and unwavering. When the winds of political expediency were at gale force across the House Republican Caucus the tallest standing firm was the Representative from Wyoming.


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