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CATC: Let's set the record straight on CATC
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CATC: Let's set the record straight on CATC

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Shame on you.

While the City had a right to terminate the contract for public transportation services for the City upon 30 day notice, why does the City Manager feel the need to malign CATC and misrepresent the facts?

CATC provided financial disclosures as required by the City monthly. At no time did the City state the information was not sufficient or that the City needed more information. City officials contended leadership engaged in improper dealings and claimed it was conducting an audit. The final report produced states there was no audit conducted, but found no wrongdoing by leadership. Shame on the City Manager for making any statement to the contrary.

After the report issued, the City claimed for the first time that no other governmental entity or other local government was to be billed for pledged local match that the City collected from CATC. If this was a requirement then why did the City not include this language in the amended contract? If this is true, why did the City not tell CATC when it reported the funds received from all sources to the City monthly? Shame on you for making statements with no evidence that the City told CATC in writing that CATC could not collect grant money from other sources. As the administrator for CARES funds the City surely would make clear any requirements attached to receipt of the funds. Produce the writing if CATC is mistaken or apologize for implying CATC engaged in wrongdoing.

You, the City Manager, claim that CATC has failed to explain the monies it collected for expenses that had already been paid by the City of Casper. As stated, the City never told CATC this was a condition. The City reviewed all of CATC finances. As explained to the City on a number of times, CATC contracted to provide transportation services to the City and for rural transportation. CATC received grants to do so. The fact that the City used CARES money that did not require a match did not create any legal obligation to cease receiving other grant funds to CATC’s knowledge. The City has not yet explained why it believes there is any legal obligation to do so. CATC asked and continues to ask what contract, rule, regulation, or law CATC violated in receiving CARES monies that the City knew about in advance of the payment. Shame on you for not answering the question and still claiming to be in the dark as to the explanation from leadership.

You state CATC is trying to scare riders by expressing concern and that the City tried to buy software. In reality, the City sought to acquire CATC non-transferable license concerning its dispatch software. Now the City refuses to allow CATC to migrate the software CATC purchased off the City server even though it is contractually obligated to do so. If the City has the expertise to dispatch public transportation, why is the City going to such lengths to keep proprietary information?

Finally, you want to know when the funds will be returned. Shame on you for not telling the public that you received a letter on April 16 advising that the disputed CARES funds the City now claims were overpaid (despite being the administrator for the CARES funds) would be placed in escrow so that an audit and forensic examination of CATC and the City with respect to these funds is conducted. Again as CATC previously stated, there needs to be a determination if under the law CATC was overpaid due to the City’s failure to advise CATC that it could not receive grant money formerly used as matching funds. Shame on you for asking a question that has already been answered.

Rather then malign CATC why does the City just not declare that the City wants to go into the public transportation business. Is the intent to destroy CATC? It is our intent to continue to provide public transportation services on a smaller scale after we assess the damage the City has done to our operations and the specific unmet needs of the community.

Lou Grunewald is president of the CATC Board of Directors.


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