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Rudkin: But because you say so
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Rudkin: But because you say so


I really hate masks.

Now before you get mad at me please know that when I go into a store to buy materials for a make believe crown, I wear a mask. I wear a mask when I walk the halls between our offices. I wear a mask when I am with a group.

I wear a mask. And I still hate them.

I hate masks because they make me feel light headed within an hour of securing it into place. I hate masks because my glasses fog up and I can’t take a deep breath. I hate masks because the tops my ears start feeling raw by the end of the day. I hate masks because I already don’t hear well and now, everyone sounds like they are talking underwater.

The other day I walked right by a gal I have known for years and didn’t recognize her. She had a ball cap on and a mask that covered half of her face.

I hate masks because I can’t see you.

But I still wear them.

Sometimes, (not always) even when we personally can’t see the sense in it, we need to do what we have been asked to do by those who might know better.

(Now you might be hating me.)

There is a story in the Bible that reminds me of this thought.

Early is Jesus’ ministry, even before he had chosen his 12 disciples, he was teaching by a lake. There were so many people clamoring to get a look at him and begging him to heal them that he was being forced into the water.

Jesus noticed a fisherman washing out his nets and asked if he could get into his boat, push out a little from the shore and teach from the boat?

Simon Peter agreed.

When he was done teaching that morning he told Peter and the fisherman, to move into the deeper water and let down their nets for a catch.

It was an absolutely absurd request.

The men had already been out all night and they hadn’t caught a thing! Plus, when Jesus asked about using Peter’s boat the men had been washing their nets to put away for the day. No one fished during the heat of midday.

I’m guessing they raised an eyebrow, glanced at each other dubiously. They were tired and hungry and wanting to go home.

Yet, Peter answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. but because you say so, I will let down the nets.”

But because you say so... but because you say so.

I struggle having this attitude.

Maybe it’s my pride, my self sufficient mode of operation, or my own past experiences. I don’t love messing up my previously set agenda or someone telling me what I “should” be doing. (I know, that’s as distasteful to write as it is for you to read.)

However, Jesus has proven to be trustworthy.

So, when he tells me to love the person who doesn’t deserve it... I must say, “But because you say so... I will love.” When someone needs a friend and I am already running on empty, I have to reply, “But because you say so...I will lay down my own life.” When I have a strong set of opinions, I need to remember, “But because you say so... I will choose unity.”

Peter and the guys did throw their nets into the lake again. They caught so many fish that their boats began to sink!

I wonder what would happen in our lives if our first response to God’s requests was, “But because you say so...”

Maybe, just maybe, we’d experience something that blows our minds.

Larry and Linda Kloster sponsor this column.


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