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Rudkin: Take a moment to be awed
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Rudkin: Take a moment to be awed

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Have you ever tracked your gratefulness?

Last week I was experiencing this sense of dread and and discouragement. The ongoing election drama, the wind roaring for almost 2 weeks and the virus moving unrestrained through our community was contributing to this growing sense of melancholy.

And then I chose to revisit my 1000 Hallelujahs. Several years ago, I began making a list of people, experiences and things for which I am grateful. I keep this list in my phone so I have it with me always.

This journey of gratefulness began when I read John Milton’s words, “Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.”

I wanted to experience moments of “awe.”

I am not always looking for some otherworldly high, but to be fully present to the “awe” of this average, every day. After all, shouldn’t we be amazed and dumb struck that entire buildings haven’t blown away this past week? My husband has a personal weather station and the winds hit 80 mph for almost 2 hours straight out here near the mountain.

I literally stood at our picture window today and praised our towering evergreens: “AWE! Way to go guys! Keep it up! You’re still standing! I’m so thankful to see you upright today.” (That I have admitted this is also a sign of the times: I don’t usually talk to trees.)

So, again during this Thanksgiving season, I’ll share a few of my entries just to illustrate how simple it is to see our lives with awe and thus, with a sense of reverence. First a few older entries.

1. My heritage of faith

79. My adult children laughing together

146. I still have a “fight” song in me

184. Stillness. The absence of wind howling

359. Dad singing to mom

679. Pink confetti falling. Finlee Lavon

681. Survived Christmas without mom

801. Long dinners in the back yard

901. Fairytale beginnings

902. A thousand little lights

903. My dad dancing

A few more recent entries:

945. To be invited, “Mimi come.”

955. Precious, tiny, Kasen

977. All the kids at home in Casper

979. A new baby girl on the way

981. Kindness and coffee

998. Football, babies and brisket

999. Eight curious girls in the Black Hills

1000. Grandma’s letters

My life isn’t full of exotic trips or show stopping experiences. I am not rich or carry an important title. However, when I stop and take a moment to give thanks, to number my hallelujahs, I am transformed. Melancholy melts away and “awe” assumes the lead.

So despite the circumstances that surround us, take a moment to be “awed” and transcend the common disposition of the day. Happy Thanksgiving.

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